How Effective Is Nandrolone Phenylpropionate For Serious Bulking And Cutting?

NPP, expanded as Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is an exotic anabolic steroid which is also known as Liberiol and Tribolan. It is an injectable substance created by modifying the Testosterone molecules. It is one of the popular steroids amongst athletes and bodybuilding communities. It appears to be appealing due to its versatility and thus it can be utilized in both bulking and cutting cycles. NPP steroid, or Durabolin, is a close relative of the popular steroid DecaDurabolin. Since Deca and NPP share the same active substance- nandrolone, their history is linked very closely together.

The main reason NPP never became as popular as Deca is because of the availability and the small amount per ml in the pharm grade version. NPP will be faster to build up to greatest levels in the body and will be quicker once you stop inoculating to filter out of the body. Associating and contrasting the two substances is important for anyone considering in one or the other. Given that they both have the capability to enhance mass and significantly boost strengths, both are excellent choices for bulking season.

Highly user-friendly, users of this steroid enjoy features such as a decreased risk of hair loss, a decreased risk of suffering from an enlarged prostate, and a decreased risk of suffering from acne. Additionally, NPP steroidoffers the ability to cushion or buffer joints during heavy lifting. A unique benefit of NPP is its ability to reduce water retention and is said to be less likely to adversely affect user’s sex drives. On the flip side, deca allows for less frequent injections making it highly preferable for those who may be a bit squeamish in regards to needles.

NPP Dosage

You can start with a great steroid along with other short esters for the creation of a stack with a less than 10-week cycle. Using 300 mg of both NPP and a test prop cycle for this time period is recommended cycle for intermediate users. With a 4.5 half-life, NPP has the tendency to quickly build up to peak levels in the body and is much quicker to filter out of the body once injections are completed.

As far as results are concerned, NPP has some positive effects on the brain overall. By producing chemicals that are essentially meant to promote aggressive behaviour, this can result in increased speed as well as power. The drug is sometimes used to treat anemia, which, therefore, means that it is a good option for raising RBC counts that aids in the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. More often, NPP is one among the few that has even been successful in helping AIDS patients realize significant weight gain.

It is not much prone to side effects and has wider role to play in the positive side. Having such significance, you must not go greedy all at once and start implementing it all alone. Go with the doctor’s word before committing to any steroid cycle.  It is necessary to keep a plan way work and keep a record of what you are taking. If you feel any wrong, rush to your doctor.