Buying A Pink Diamond? Checkout The Pink Diamond List Here

You will find it really hard to see a person who does not like diamonds. However, if the colour of the diamond is pink then it will be highly in demand. Therefore, buying a pink diamond is a dream for many people. So, many people try to get their hands on pink diamonds. But very few people are able to buy pink diamonds. 

If you are interested in buying pink diamonds as well then you have to be aware of some of the things which can make your pink diamond purchase fruitful. Here a pink diamond list that you should check out to understand everything about it before you go on purchasing it. 

A comprehensive list of pink diamonds as per the shape

  • Pear Shape Diamonds
  • Cushion Shape Diamonds
  • Round Shape Diamonds
  • Radiant Shape Diamonds
  • Heart Shape Diamonds
  • Marquise Shape Diamonds
  • Asscher Shape Diamonds
  • Oval Shape Diamonds
  • Princess Shape Diamonds
  • Mixed Shape Diamonds

What determines the value of pink diamonds?

Now, you will surely have a question in mind as to which pink diamond is more valuable than others or what are the things that make a pink diamond more valuable. Well, the answer is quite simple. There are 3 things which constitute the value of pink diamonds which are:

  • Size

The size of the pink diamond does play a key role in determining its value. Well, its size is measured in carat just like the other diamonds. 

  • Clarity

The clarity of the pink diamonds is determined as per various parameters such as FL, SL1, VS1, VVS1, and much more. Therefore, before you buy a pink diamond, you need to also see its clarity level. 

  • Colour

The colour of the pink diamond also has a very big part to play in determining its value. As the colour becomes more and more pinkish, the chances of its high value increase easily.

Origin of the pink colour of diamonds is still a mystery

When you hear about pink diamonds, you will wonder from where these diamonds get the pink colour. You should know that it is still a mystery. The Argyle mine in Australia is the largest source of pink diamonds around the world. However, the scientists are yet to discover the actual origin of this pink colour of the diamonds. This is also one of the reasons for the curiosity of people as far as pink diamonds are concerned.

Finally, there are many options available as far as buying a pink diamond is concerned. This list above will surely guide to the right way. Pink diamonds are creating a buzz in the investment market for many years now and it has become a huge investment option for many. If you are someone who is searching for a great investment option then pink diamonds could be exactly what you want. Once you start investing in pink diamonds with the help of an expert end-to-end pink diamond solution provider, the chances of achieving a greater ROI will increase quite a notch for sure. 

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