Jakim Pearson Explains What You Can Do With Your Public Policy Degree

Many of us are motivated to make our communities and our country better places to live, but policymakers take this desire to the highest degree possible: they make it their profession. And if you’ve ever pondered a career in public service, you’ve undoubtedly also contemplated completing Master’s Degree in Public Policy to complement your existing qualifications.

Jakim Pearson shares what choices you have as a career 

Non-political choices available in the government institutions, varying from program analysis, program management and implementation, legal analysis, through public consultation and engagement, and policy development for local, regional, national, and worldwide government agencies, are described below:

Members of the nonprofit sector can undertake policy research, advocate specific policy concerns such as administration and development of policies, and communicate with policymakers. Jakim Pearson mentions that they can also work on a government relations team or form their own nonprofit or intergovernmental organization (NGO)

What is a Public Policy Degree?

The Policy (MPAP) and Master of Public Administration degree combines the essential competencies of both disciplines to give students a distinctive advantage in a competitive industry. The MPAP degree is available online. The skills learned by our students are put to be used as program directors or project managers, as well as public administrators, public affairs professionals, and consulting professionals. The government and non – profit sectors, and also businesses that advise and provide public services, put a high priority on managers and analysts who have a diverse set of skills and seem to be able to successfully coordinate and interact across industries & layers of government.

What skills you will horn

Obtaining a master’s in public management and policy equips you to form public service, whether you work for the government, in the nonprofit or private sector. You will have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as excellent communication and leadership talents. The advanced skill set you learn through our MPAP serves as a firm basis for life, allowing you to effectively adapt to new situations and move within or across sectors as your career progresses. The experience and expertise you receive from faculty and policy, and government specialists that allow you to bring value to prospective employers and advance your publicly funded profession.

A Master of Public Policy is a valuable degree that will equip you with the knowledge and abilities you need to be successful in consulting or working for a government agency. As per Jakim Pearson, it will improve your capacity to digest and transmit a large amount of knowledge, as well as your ability to think widely about the difficulties that our communities and country face today tremendously. It is unlikely to elevate you to the level of expertise or, more importantly, earn you a lot of money. To ensure that you are making the best decision possible, conduct research and consult with others. If you still want to know more about public policy, then you can consider doing an online course.