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The Various Types Of Pregnancy Tests


How to be sure shot that a woman is pregnant! The earlier signs of pregnancy are bound to be there but there are different types of pregnancy tests which can be performed at your home or the doctor’s clinic. Let us now go through the different types of pregnancy tests at doctor’s chamber or your home.

Blood test

This test is normally performed at the chamber of a doctor. With the help of a laboratory test, whether HCG in blood is there is found out. Blood can detect the presence of HCG much earlier than urine. But they are more expensive and the results too take a tinge longer.

The first happens to be qualitative HCG blood test is done to check whether there is any amount of HCG in your blood. A simple yes or no whether you are pregnant. Doctors rely on the use of this test to figure out whether you are pregnant 10 days after the first day of your missed period. But some of these tests can detect HCG much earlier.

This is followed by the quantitative Beta HCG blood test. It is the most accurate of all the pregnancy tests as it measures the amount of HCG in blood. It is also useful in tracking down any problems arising during course of pregnancy. With the results of Lab tests, your doctor will tell you what are your HCG levels at.

Clinical urine test

This can be performed at the chamber of a doctor. It is not commercially feasible in pharmacies but it is based on the same sample of HCG detection as the HPT is accurate. The major difference is that with the help of a professional you may be able to eradicate any errors that has an impact on the accuracy of the test. Just take into account that a clinical urine test is going to cost you more which depends on your co-payments.

Home pregnancy tests

These are available in standard or digital form sticks. In case of digital ones it can be used 6 days up to the day of your last missed period and in case of standard sticks it is 4 days. On a word of caution if the test is conducted early the chances of a negative result may arise. It means that you are pregnant but the opposite result emerges.

This test should be taken the first thing in the morning as your hormone along with urine levels are high in the morning. But this in no way mean that the result will be accurate. If the result is negative, you can try the test after a few days as well.

The expense of a blood test Is dependent on the type of clinic you choose along with an insurance cover that you have in place. Ideally you would end up paying around $ 75 for the service. In certain cases, if the results are not accurate you may need a re test which is going to cost you additional fee.

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  1. It’s great that this article talked about different types of pregnancy tests. Certainly! Pregnancy tests have evolved significantly over the years, offering various types to cater to different needs. From traditional urine tests detecting hCG levels to digital tests providing clear results, the options are diverse. Some offer early detection, while others boast convenience or accuracy. Exploring these options can help individuals choose the most suitable test for their circumstances and peace of mind.

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