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Benefits Derived From Taking Yacon Syrup Organic

Yacon plant is a native plat found in the mountainous South American region of Andes. Yacon plant is quite popular especially with the American people for its tasty root tubers which are, in native country Peru, referred to as Peruvian ground apple. For those that have had a taste of the Mexican turnip, yacon has got a very similar taste albeit the two are not related. Yacon is a relative to the Jerusalem artichoke and also the sunflower.

Yacon is very flexible as a food because you can make it into several types of foods or sweeteners. You can either eat the tubers when raw, or you can ground them into powder or even take them in syrup form.
Benefits of yacon syrup organic

1. Helps in weight loss

This is a natural weight loss extract that aids a lot with losing weight. The chemistry behind this is that it produces inulin that lowers the level of fats in the body. When a person eats food with too much carbohydrates or sugar, they make the blood glucose level and insulin level to go down. This affects the body’s physiology since blood glucose is very important in both the body and the brain. This in turn results into the breakdown of fats stored in the body to produce energy. This then leads to gaining weight and ultimately to vulnerability to diseases, especially heart diseases as well as cancer and diabetes. It is at this point that yacon syrup organic comes in to correct this situation. Yacon syrup produces inulin that raises the blood glucose level and also the insulin level to the normal position. It too stops the breakdown of fats thus preventing the person from gaining weight.

2. Treatment for constipation

Besides helping in weight loss, yacon syrup is suitable for digestive purposes. This is due to the reason that yacon increases colonic mobility. Yacon syrup is low in calories thus is suitable to be used in treatment of constipation especially for diabetic patients. Insulin is prebiotic and hence is able to help in growth of good bacteria in the digestive system.

3. Disease protection

Yacon has been found to contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to the body as they are useful in disposal of free radicals that are charged with causing cellular damage as well as causing risk of contracting cancer. Today, oxidative damage has been associated with many dangerous diseases such as cancer, muscle degeneration, heart diseases and diabetes. It is thus advisable to consume high levels of antioxidants which are found in yacon so as to prevent yourself against such diseases.

4. Sweetener

Yacon couldn’t have come at a better time than this. Today’s society is almost addicted sweet and sugary stuff, no wonder our children are losing teeth to sweets. Others are suffering from obesity which leads to type-11-diabetes. Instead of risking our lives in sugary foods, yacon is the best substitute for sugar. It is used as food sweetener and is very ideal because it causes no sickness as it has no calories.

5. Liver health

Yacon syrup organic has been found to improve the health of the liver. Yacon when mixed with silymarin (milk thistle’s active component) has been found to raise blood sugar and cholesterol in patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. This was in a study done by “food and chemical toxicology”. The term metabolic syndrome is used to refer to a combination of conditions which are responsible for increased risk of contacting heart diseases and diabetes. During the study, participants took 2.4 g of yacon and 0.8g of silymarin for 3 months (90 days). The results proved that the two drugs raised cholesterol level and thwarted accumulation of fats in the liver. Thus, it was concluded that silymarin and yacon promotes healthy liver and heart.

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