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3 Reasons to Seek Cosmetic Dentistry – and the Best Treatments to Ask For!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry spans the aesthetic, the cosmetic and the structural – with professional dentists often bridging different concerns in order to give their clients confidence as well as comfort, and a durable as well as straight and gleaming smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in particular sees clients visit their dentist with a breadth of aesthetic concerns, many of which are connected to structural issues, injury and underlying problems. The job of the dentist is to suggest a treatment that will satisfy the requirements of the client and support ongoing oral health and hygiene.

In this blog, we’re combining the issue with the recommended treatment, as offered by a team of cosmetic dentistry Essex specialists. Without further ado, here are three issues which may draw you towards a cosmetic dentist, and the recommended treatment to ask for!

Discoloured Teeth – Ask for Teeth Whitening

Discoloured teeth can have a huge impact on confidence and can be caused by a number of things. Contrary to popular belief, discoloured teeth are not solely a sign of poor oral hygiene – they can also be caused by genetics, ageing, lifestyle habits and other dental treatments. Fixed braces, for example, can make cleaning the teeth difficult – leaving potential discolouration on the teeth after the braces are removed. Smoking and consumption of red wine and coffee can also affect the colour of the teeth – or you might be someone whose teeth change colour as they age.

If discolouration is affecting you, then teeth whitening is the best cosmetic solution. Far from the box products and DIY kits that you can do at home, professional teeth whitening uses a potent and highly effective laser for lasting whiteness.

Crooked Teeth – Ask about Invisalign

If your smile is crooked or wonky, then you may find yourself shying away from photos, social occasions and even work opportunities.

The reason behind a crooked smile could be anything from genetics to the way that teeth have shifted over time – however, there is a fix (and it’s not fixed braces)!

Invisalign is a leading treatment which spans cosmetic and structural dentistry, empowering dentists to deliver a flexible and versatile solution to clients that they can integrate as part of their regular lives. The benefits are wide-ranging – with your dentist able to work with you to determine whether you are a good match for Invisalign.

Chipped Tooth – Ask for Composite Bonding Treatment

Finally, if you’re concerned about a chip or a crack in your tooth, there is a way that cosmetic dentistry can help. Composite bonding involves a specially formulated material which is moulded on top of the existing tooth, shaping it to create a new surface which completely conceals the damage.

This bonding material is incredibly durable and can fix your smile in a single treatment.

Discover more about these treatments and other options by getting in touch with your dentist directly.

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