You’ve Never Seen Anything Like Street Art Amsterdam

Art is born from any spark of creativity. The tools used to make art are very varied. Nowadays you can make art with what you can least imagine. At the Moco Museum, for example, Studio Irma created an artwork called “Reflecting Forward”. However, street art also exists and it is not as bad as it is known in some countries. Street art Amsterdam is very common, dynamic, colorful and creative. Canvases can be walls, doors, trees or even squares. The artistic richness that Amsterdam offers to its inhabitants and visitors is very varied. You will always come across some artistic expression no matter what you do.

The world’s largest street art museum

Thanks to the large number of murals and sculptures located throughout Amsterdam, this city is recognized as the largest and most varied street art museum in the world. With thousands of different types of artworks existing all over Amsterdam, you will always have something different to see in every place you visit in this artistic city. You could mention the NDSM neighborhood, where graffiti of different styles and influences are abundant. In this neighborhood we can find a mural dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank, whose diary served to know the difficulties of a Jewish family who hid from the Nazis during the Second World War. Bright or dull colors, clear or distorted images, each graffiti in this neighborhood has a story to tell.

Art everywhere

It seems incredible to say, but in Amsterdam you’re going to come across some kind of artwork almost everywhere you go. And you might think it’s just about graffiti, but art in this city knows no bounds. The parks are an example of this. Usually when we think of a park we imagine grass and seats. In Amsterdam the parks have an extra touch of creativity. For example, in the Rembrandtpark we can see a series of oversized puppy sculptures guarding the bridge at Postejeweg. These amusing creatures are the work of Marjolijn Mandersloot. If you want to come across a large polar bear, in the Erasmuspark you will find an interesting work of art created by Italian artist Simona Vergiani. In short, there is not a single corner in Amsterdam where you cannot enjoy a good piece of art. If you are an art enthusiast or art lover, you should definitely visit Amsterdam. You will enjoy an explosion of creativity.