You will not regret cheating this time!

What I mention in my title is what I mean when I refer to Candy Crush Saga, the tips that

will follow or the Candy Crush Saga Cheats will help you earn and smash, get the bonus

candies and boost your scores as well. There is no special reading required, but these tips

are gathered with experience and also with the help of the fellow playmates with whom I

enjoy playing the Candy Crush.

1. How to get extra lives in the game. This is a very interesting and important tip for the

game which will actually help you not fall out in the game and play on. This can be

done on you mobile phone itself, you can do this by setting the time ahead in your

phone. All you have to do is go to your setting, then date and time and then set the

time ahead of what the real time is. Tried and tested this tip is definitely going to

help you get extra lives and save you from a break down in the game.

2. Another charming Candy Crush Saga Cheats is when you are playing and by the

moves you are making you are not very happy, or suppose by the time you reach the

middle of the game you realise that most of your moves were wrong and you are

going to miss a life unnecessarily, do not worry, all you would have to do this time is

click on the menu and then get back to the game, you will get a fresh board in front

of you without losing a life. Isn’t that wonderful, a way to cheat and you feel happy

about this cheating tact as well.

3. The third tip and a very important one for the Candy Crush Saga game is to keep

looking for the special bonus candies on your board. The special candies are the

candies you get when you smash more than three candies. Like you get the striped

candy when you smash four candies which when smashed with two other candies

of the same colour can wipe out the entire row of the entire column, then there is

this chocolate multi-coloured candy which you get when smash five candies, this is a

very charming candy as when smashed with any one other candy this smashes all the

similar coloured candies in the board, often it is these chocolate candies which help

you clear the blockers on the board more easily that the traditional way of smashing

three candies.

4. A tip to remember when you get the two special candies side by side is to smash

them together, like two different coloured special coloured candies when smashed

can get this extra beneficial effect as each candy has got a special quality of its own.

5. A tip to remember is to first clear the blocks before you are actually thinking of

scoring. Rather clearing the blocks also simultaneously help you score on the board

as well.

6. Also remember not to always us the moves which are highlighted if you are not

moving, these are the moves which are suggested but might take you in the wrong


7. The last but not the least important tip to remember is to match plan out your

moves before you start the game, a random move can spoil the whole game in the

beginning itself.

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