Why You Should Consider Product Design Studios

When you have an idea or concept in your mind which you think can light up a lucrative business path, you know what you will have to go through to reach there. New product development process is not rocket science but it’s not a child’s play either. The process involves many stages at which you will need the help of different professionals who have expertise in different fields.

If your company is a small one or if it’s a start up, you probably wouldn’t have the team that is required for product development or product design and this is where you should consider getting help from product design studios. The design of your product is as important as your product itself because it is something that appeals the consumers to buy it.

When we talk about design it’s not just the colorful and fancy labels and buttons on the product but an interface that will ease the user into experiencing the product. If the users of your product are struggling to use them, then your product is meaningless and will lose value when the hype of its launch calms down. A user pays for a product to ensure that it helps them, if it doesn’t perform up to what you promise it would, the product is a failure in the eyes of the consumers.

You can always outsource your design related works to a design studio. When you entrust a design studio with all the design related works, you can concentrate better on the product development side. There are product development companies who would also do the design work for you because their team will contain product designers as well. However, if you only need help for the designing work and you have the work force who can handle the rest of the product development process, you can approach a design studio.

You can take the help of a product design not just for new products, but also if your existing product has lost its value over the time. In this case it’s pretty important that you make some changes in the product design. Below are the steps involved in theproduct designing process.

Steps involved in product design

Analysis- Analysis is basically thorough research which will provide answers for questions like “how the design should be?” and “what designs have been doing well and what have been failures in the past?” If the work is regarding the re-designing of an existing product, the analysis would focus more on finding ways for trouble shooting and to understand what went wrong.

Concept-Concept is the stage when an action is taken based on research and strategies made that will meet the requirements of the clients. For an existing product, the solutions to the problems faced by the sales of this product are found.

Synthesis-Once solutions are found, the design team will brainstorm amongst each other as well as meet you for your approval of the new design. After this, the ideas that have already been narrowed will be made into prototypes for further testing.

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