The World Famous Maharashtrian Cuisine!

Indian cuisine is a cluster of various traditional and regional dishes. India is well known for its spicy food and also known as spice hub of the world. Historical events also state about the cuisines of India. From the time of Mughals, Indian food has been widely evolved. India is the biggest trader of spices and it covers a significant amount of Indian export.

Now, when it comes to Maharashtrian cuisine, it plays a big role in gaining popularity of Indian cuisines. It is a perfect balance of several different tastes. Bajri, wheat, rice is the main ingredient in Maharashtrian cuisine. The taste varies from dish to dish like some are mild whereas some are very spicy. Most well-liked dishes of this cuisine are Pav Bhaji, Vada paav and when it comes to spicy, no one can forget thecha. It is purely made up of nuts and green chillies.

Maharashtrian dishes are known for its lip-smacking taste as this contains full of flavours and species. Here are some best Maharashtrian dishes you must try once in your life:-

  • Pohe: It is a dish made from flattened rice. Most probably it is eaten in breakfast. There are a number of varieties in pohe like kande pohe and chilli pohe. Other added ingredients like cashew and nuts can be added in the recipe for better taste.
  • Misal Pav: The cuisine is originated in Pune. The dish consists of many components but mainly sprouted lentils, and also, it is topped or layered by other components like bhujia, chivda, and chopped veggies like onions and tomatoes.
  • Pithla Bhakri: It is an old dish of Maharashtra, mostly eaten in rural areas but now gaining popularity in urban areas also. This pastry looking dish is called Pitla and mostly eaten with jowar bread named bhakri. This dish is eaten with bhaji which is a spicy curry with a lot of veggies.
  • Vada Pav: It is a burger look like a dish which is Mumbai’s most popular fast food. It consists of a fried potato called tikki sandwiched between two pieces of bread. The dish tastes best when eaten with sour and sweet sauces called chutney in India. It is widely available in Maharashtra at a very cheap price. People also enjoy thecha recipe with vada paav in many areas around the state.
  • Sabudana Khichadi: Sabudana refers to a food base prepared from Sago palm. In English, it is known as Sago which is granules rich in starch. It is of white colour having a shape of an oval. It is mostly eaten for breakfast as it is very light-weight.
  • Rassa: the only non-vegetarian Maharashtrian dish which is very popular. It includes meat, fish, chicken or other seafood. It is a curry originated from Kolhapur. Basically, the word rassa has a meaning of juice. The dish is most popular for its spicy taste, as this Kolhapuri curry is made up of their special chilies.

You can find a number of mouth-watering recipes online that will certainly relish your taste buds. Or you can search for how to make hirwi mirchi cha thecha / Maharashtrian green chilly garlic dry chutney, which is a very popular cuisine of Maharashtra as well as of India.

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