Letizza Bakery: Everyone’s Best Sanctuary For Gourmet Meals

Are you fond of going out to eat? How do you feel about eating Pizza? If you are residing in Australia, you get to easily visit the Letizza Bakery – known for being unique, handcraft pizza store. Thus, feel privileged to read throughout this article as you get to know more about Letizza Bakery.

What’s good in Letizza Bakery?

The one of a kind surface and taste of Letizza Bakery pizza bases originates from the conventional Italian formula and a meticulous choice mix of enhanced flour, olive oil, parmesan, and mozzarella cheddar heated into the pizza’s crust. Also, theLetizza pizza bases are additionally lower in fat, which makes it a sound option for any meal of the day. Thus, each time has impeccable outcomes and a gourmet quality pizza.  

Aside from being a handcraft pizza store having pre-heated pizza bases, what makes Letizza Bakery unique from other bakery is its original Italian recipe, 100% Italian made and family business, affordable, snappy and simple when it comes to process, the products are favorable, adaptable, having expansive scope in terms of size, and remarkable not simply pizza bases.

Purposely, the whole range has been created to be flexible, fantastically speedy and simple to get ready and serve, with unending topping alternatives for you to relish.

The Letizza Bakery are devoted to making the specific best foodservice pizza bases in various sizes to meet diverse client and foodservice needs. You can ensure that the pizza they made and sell is standardized, with maximum quality, handmade, financially affordable, and accessible throughout Australia.

Their preheated pizza bases and bread are speedy and simple, with different choices from which you can explore and choose what you want. They likewise make a substantially square shape chunk base in two sizes, Gluten free pizza bases in various sizes and a heavenly coffee named LetizzaPiadina, or, in other words, Italian flatbread, an ideal fill and grill choice to suit all foodservice industry, culinary experts. Aside from that, the extent of their foodservice incorporates a pre-heated Gourmet Pizza Bases – scope of various flavors, Gluten Free Pizza Bases, Dough Balls, and the Piadina which is a thin rolled Italian Flatbreads. Isn’t it amazing? You may enter the bakery with an empty stomach but ensure that the moment you walk out from their threshold, you are full and delighted with the foods you eat.

Want To Know the Recipes?

The Letizza handcraft pizza store has made and idealized some incredible fixing recommendations to help motivate you when utilizing Letizza pizza bases inside your business or family home. Either you are a veggie lover or a meat lover, there are choices for everyone!

   In Letizza Bakery, you get to relish there:

  •    LETIZZA CHARGRILLED VEGETARIAN PIADINA, favorable for veggie lovers. It is an outright hit in the workplace for new scrumptious, fresh and lightweight characteristic, with a minimal pinch of feta or mozzarella to complement the taste.
  •    ASPARAGUS and PROSCIUTTO PIZZA, it is light and tasty – an ideal option for a standard prosciutto choice.
  •    SUPER SUPREME PIZZA, a colorful pizza that the children will surely love. It is simple yet brimming with scrumptious flavor. You can include salami or swap it for another restored meat, and include any veggies you have left over in the ice chest.
  •    The Exemplary LETIZZA MARGARITA, the unrivaled Classic Letizza Margarita. Just ensure you utilize new basil and bocconcini or mozzarella to consummate this pizza topping!
  •    POTATO and ROSEMARY PIZZA, a tasty white base pizza alternative for the family, nothing beats the broiler simmered smell of potato and rosemary, in case you’re a devotee of anchovies, include some for a salty taste!
  •    GOURMET SMOKED SALMON, a mouthwatering pizza that sometimes utilized cream cheddar on the base rather than mozzarella, cook and best!
  •    PUMPKIN, SPINACH and PINE NUT, a delectable pizza that a veggie lover will surely love; basic and delightful.

Thus, to actually witness the legendary Letizza handcraft pizza store, and taste its gourmet quality pizza and various other recipes, just visit Letizza Bakery. The Letizza items will be a helpful expansion to your menu, less waste and less demanding and stock control.

Regardless of whether you’re a nourishment truck, eatery, bistro or occasion providing food organization the Letizza Bakery will have you arranged with their scope of premade pizza bases to help cook your occasions in the blink of an eye.

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