When Must You Tow Your Car

Road accidents are curses that are still prevalent even in the safest of roads. The impact of any road accident is always negative, though the severity will necessarily vary. While at times, things might appear to be a minor one, and the cars might continue to work, there can be hidden damages that can get only discovered later. On the other hand, there are some dare devils sitting behind the wheels who think, driving with a risk is a sign of chivalry, but in reality, it is nothing but playing with the lives of others.

In such situations, one might not be sure whether it will be safe to simply drive away or call for a tow. So here are some helpful insights that can help you have some knowledge on this before you need to face something that unfortunate.

Consider the Visible Damages on Both the Car and the Driver

After a collision on road, the damages can spread from vehicles to the driver and the passengers. If apparently things are looking manageable, where the driver stays unscathed, there can be some major damages in the vehicle that is fairly visible. To know if that condition is conducive enough for the safety of all, take a closer look around the car and do not ignore anything that doesn’t seem to be okay.

Check the mechanical parts under the hood, if they are hanging loose, look inside the body panels and don’t even try to drive the vehicle, if you notice anything wrong in these areas. If you continue to drive in this condition, you might be causing more damage to the vehicle, which can not only pump up the total repair cost at the auto body shop, but can also hit another road user cascading into several collisions and their repercussions.

But if the damages are as apparent as scratches, dents, or de-shaped bumpers,  you can safely drive the car away unless the visual damage includes interference with crucial parts, like broken wheel rims, shattered windscreen that can make driving impossible.

Check for the Hidden Damages

At times the damage caused by a collision might not be apparently visible. To make sure, things are fine inside it is necessary to watch out for the signs of any hidden damage. If you notice any smoke, a strange noise or leaking fluids, then it is definitely an indication of internal mechanical damage. In such cases, it is strictly advisable to call for the tow.

Call the Roadside Assistance to Decide

The senior experts of the Salisbury auto body shop say that not every time the one who was driving the vehicle can be that technically sound to detect if the car is safe to drive away from the spot of a collision. In such cases, it is always best to call for help from the roadside assistance to decide and take the necessary actions.

The Conclusive Line

To draw a conclusive line, even the trauma of the collision can shake the confidence of the driver who was so far driving the vehicle. So, even if the car is fine, either make arrangement for an alternative driver or give it for towing if that is not an option for you.

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