Smart Tech You Enjoy In Every Hyundai Car

Most Hyundai vehicles in the latest lineup are infused with high-end technology from inside the cabin to outside on the exteriors and from under the hood to its mechanics. This we learnt while checking out some of the interesting models on display at Hyundai dealer Deltona and we had not yet touched upon the Hybrid, Electric, Fuel-cell models and Future vehicles yet that are loaded with technology and which incorporate features straight off their motorsport experiences. As we looked around, we specifically focused on some of the smart tech you enjoy in every Hyundai car which we share below.

Engine & Transmission Tech

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

This is one of the most popular technologies in petrol engines where power and ultimately fuel efficiency is the focal point. Going by definition, it’s a system of injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder of the engine which results in more power and better control over fuel consumption. For the layperson it’s a relief to know that this and similar technologies like MPFI and CRDI are new age replacements for the good old carburetor system which you would still find around in some motorsport vehicles.

EcoShift Dual Clutch Transmission

The transmission system of any vehicle is one of the major factors that determines how smooth your ride is based on gear changes. The Dual Clutch Transmission employed in most Hyundai vehicles is a form of semi-automatic transmission that incorporates the best of features of both manual and automatic systems by using two clutches, one to control the odd gears and the other for the even ones. This ensures that the gear switching is smooth and without any interruption or delay and is also proven to provide better fuel efficiency. Hyundai is credited with developing a 7-speed DCT system that provides the driver to choose between fully-automated and manual modes that’s now featured in several of their latest vehicles.


Hyundai’s cars are loaded with technology and connectivity like no other. It would be disastrous for many and the world’s end would seem near if one loses connectivity or even experiences slowdown for even a few seconds. Hyundai’s cars are equipped with the best connectivity options that are compatible and support Bluetooth handsfree phone operation, Audio and smartphone pairing through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to give advanced capabilities. You are now able to make calls using Google without taking your hands off the steering and eyes of the road. Many of the higher trims of each model come with 8-inch displays with navigation. Wireless charging in another technology that’s becoming part of the common offerings in most vehicles.

Safety Tech

Lane Change Assist, Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-traffic Alert (RCTA) and are common safety tech features across most of their sedans and SUVs. Automatic Emergency Braking is one smart tech that’s featured in some of the higher trims of Hyundai vehicles which we observed at Hyundai Deltona. This is a system that can detect and alert drivers to imminent danger in front and maximizes braking capacity.

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