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Different Types Of Lipo Surgeries You Need To Know About

Liposuction is the process by which the medical professionals remove abrupt depositions of fat tissues from your body. It helps you to retain your original shape. Though liposuction surgery cannot be completely termed as an obesity removal surgery, it can still help you in losing weight.

There are some prominent kinds of lipo surgeries which the doctors follow to treat the patients.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction

This is the procedure of the liposuction where the ultrasound waves are sent to the body. It helps to turn the fat cells to liquid. This liquid fat tissue is easier to be vacuumed out thus the surgery technique gets easier. It can help to eradicate the fat depositions in the male breast area. It is a procedure which is time-consuming, however; it is one of the most efficient techniques to fight fat deposition.

Tumescent Liposuction

In this technique of liposuction surgery, medicated fluids in large amounts are injected into the body. The contents of this fluid are IV salt solutions, contractors of blood vessels and local anaesthetics. All these three ingredients are useful to promote the removal of fat in a healthy way. Where the salt solutions help in lucid removal of fat, the local anaesthetics can numb the area. The blood contractors keep away the patient’s body to lose an excessive amount of blood.

Super Wet Liposuction

In the super-wet technique, no excess fluids are injected into the body of the patient. While the contents of the fluid remain the same, the amount of fluid which is injected is proportionately same with the probable volume of fat which needs to be removed from the patient’s body.

This process of liposuction surgery needs general anaesthesia in certain cases. If general anaesthesia is not given to the patient, good amount of sedation can also work effectively.

Laser Liposuction

Liposuction technique where the assistance of laser is needed is called the laser liposuction. The laser lights are passed through the body of the patients. This energy is effectively used to remove fats. The doctors use the small tubes to drain out the liquefied fat from the body with the help of small draining tubes. This type of the lipo surgery is mainly done by the doctors in jowls, face and chin. The level of skin shagging also becomes less in case of this procedure.

So, these are some of the leading techniques of liposuctions which the doctors use. It is kind of cosmetic surgery which effectively removes fat.          

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