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A Smartphone For The Elderly That You Wouldn’t Believe Existed

Technology is this advancement in human existence that has made the lives of many people convenient. Think about it, with smart devices you can pretty much do everything from browsing the internet, socialize, schedule, order, book a flight, track your fitness and diet, play games, watch shows, movies and many many more. Almost everyone has it and people can’t leave and live without it. Leave your phone for a day and never touch it and guarantee you’ll go crazy within minutes. The feeling is actually much worse than losing your car key!

But there’s a generation that seemed to stop and never actually embraced these advancements in technology fully and this is because most of them don’t really need it and these are the elderly. Your grandfather and grandmother. Why? Socializing for them is preferred in person, besides the fonts in the smart devices are just too small and there are just things that they don’t really understand about it.

The solution: The solution is a simple video phone. Surely you’ve seen a ton of phones that cater to elderlies, but nothing compares it to a video phone. This is because the device is very easy to use and dialing someone is as easy as counting one, two and three. With its large screen, large font and video calling is very easy. Who said your grandmother can’t video call? With these video phones, they can, like  Konnekt Smart Phones for example.

Its auto answer: One of the best features of a video phone is its auto answer feature. This is a really good idea because it allows your calls to patch through even if your grandparents are doing something important. With this, they no longer need to stop at what they do just t answer the phone. They can continue on whatever it is that they are doing and still you will have a meaningful conversation.

It’s loud: Another one of its best features is that it has premium speakers that creates a really loud sound. When you grow old your senses will slowly deteriorate and your hearing is not an exception. In fact, ts the most common one that is observed including the eyesight. With loudspeakers, your grandparents won’t have trouble hearing any calls that they receive and they will be able to respond accordingly.

Technology may not be a challenge to you, but for the elderly it is and this is because these things weren’t around during their adult life like your smart device for example. Living today and living in their time is very different, do you think that Captain America is heavily invested and technologically inclined to the technology of his current time? Watch the Avengers and his stand-alone movies and you will find out that he isn’t much of a tech nerd. But there’s a very important feature that smart devices have nowadays and that is how it made communication very easy. It would be an awful lot of shame if your grandparents won’t ever enjoy this, but there’s a way to integrate it in their lives, and that is through a simple video phone for elderly. It’s easy to use, it has large fonts, its auto answer and more importantly its loud.

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