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6 Wedding Favors You Didn’t Think About

A wedding favor is one of those wedding traditions that seem a little odd at first blush. Sure, on the one hand, you’re throwing an awesome party for your wedding guests, so you’re kind of doing them a favor to begin with. But then they’re giving up their Saturday afternoon and evening to wish you well, and they’re buying you a gift. So it’s nice to thank them for coming with a small reminder of the day. A good wedding favor can be inexpensive and simple, but it should be something that’s likely to get used. Here are some ideas for fun wedding favors your guests will get some utility out of.

Personalized Bottle Opener

These personalized credit card bottle openers are less than a dollar apiece, but they’ve got a great combination of classy, cute, and useful. Whenever your guests are spared from using a countertop or a cigarette lighter to open a bottle, they’ll think of you and your wedding day.

Popcorn Mason Jars

These little down-home gifts are perfect for a rustic themed wedding. They couldn’t be easier to make: fill the jars with un-popped popcorn, put a square of muslin on top, and screw down the retaining ring, and attach a tag with your wedding date. You’ll have to choose for yourself whether you want the “Thanks for popping by” pun or not. That’s an intensely personal choice.

Capsule Machine Candy

This one’s a little less durable than some of the others, but it’s absolutely charming. The idea is to buy some of the capsules you see in vending machines, fill them with candy or other treats, and put a sticker with your wedding details on the bottom. It’s a sweet surprise that will bring your guests right back to being a kid feeding quarters into the gumball machine.


No, we’re not suggesting you send your guests home with a bar of Irish Spring. That might give them the wrong impression of how you feel about their hygiene. We’re talking artisanal, handmade soap. You can make it yourself, if you have the time and inclination. But if you’ve got enough on your plate without becoming a soap maker, you can find custom soap on Etsy or at your local farmer’s market. Customize the scents, print some custom labels, and it’s a lovely thoughtful wedding favor.

Wedding Sparklers

Though you’ll need to clear it with your venue first, many couples use wedding sparklers as part of their reception to give it a little more energy. If you plan to use your sparklers indoors, make sure you find a company that sells sparklers for weddings specifically because they are different from other types of sparklers. There are a lot of reputable companies online that will ship them right to your home, so finding them shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Seed Bombs

These cute handmade gifts are a mix of potting soil, clay, and wildflower seeds, baked into balls and stored in a muslin bag. Your guests can plant the seed bomb or just toss it into the backyard, and wildflowers will grow wherever it lands. It’s got the whole eco-friendly vibe, it’s inexpensive, and it puts a little beauty in the world. What’s not to like?

A wedding favor can be anything from a book of matches to a bottle of wine. We like favors best when they’re fun, inexpensive, useful, and personalized. These six ideas definitely hit all of the marks. Any of the above is sure to delight your guests on your special day.

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