Latest Models Of Mazda To Own

Mazda is a name which is quite popular irrespective of a car type one talks about; be it, a hatchback, SUV or a sports car. If you are planning to buy a Mazda for yourself or a loved one, then you should go through the list of options which are given below in detail. 

All of these Mazda vehicles are excellent for all-purpose usage and is always available in Henderson Mazda dealer. So, without any further wait, have a look at this list!

  • Sedan and Hatchbacks 

This list will start with the hatchbacks and sedans from Mazda which are best for all-purpose usage. The first car in this group is Mazda 3 hatchback. It has a new model coming out in 2020 and is considered by many to be quite a reliable vehicle. This car has a horsepower of 186 and price starts from $23,600. In a highway it will provide its owner with 35 mpg and has a remarkable interior which can be enjoyed by a driver and 4 other passengers.

Now let’s have a look at Mazda 3 sedan. This premium Mazda 3 sedan starts for $21,500. The 2020 model will offer a maximum of 35 mpg on the highway, and 5 people can comfortably seat inside this vehicle. It has a Skyactiv G engine which offers 186 horsepower that response to acceleration smoothly. 

Lastly, this group is the luxury sedan Mazda 6. It is equipped with 2.5T Skyactiv G 4 Cylinder that makes driving experience quite remarkable for anyone. It is available in 6 colors and has a sophisticated interior which makes the driver, as well as the passengers, feel the luxury of being inside this car. 

  • SUVs and Crossovers 

Mazda CX 3 is the first car in this group whose price starts from $20,390. It has 148 horsepower and can easily seat 5 people inside along with the driver. In a highway, it offers 34 mpg and a little less inside the city. Also, this car comes in three variants Touring, Sport, and Grand Touring. Depending upon one’s need, a person can choose the best option. 

Mazda CX 5 starts from $24,350 and has a massive 186 horsepower. It has enough space for 5 people to sit inside and provide 31 mpg in a highway. Lastly in this group is the Mazda CX 9 which is the luxury vehicle in this section which starts for $32,130. It can comfortably seat 7 people inside and has 250 horsepower. 

  • Sports Car 

MX 5 Miata and MX 5 Miata RF are the two vehicles in this section which every sports car fan will love. Miata model starts from $25,730 while the RF version from $32,345. Both offer a maximum of 35 mpg when driving on a highway and can seat 2 people. Though both offer 181 horsepower, the significant difference between the two is Miata is a soft roof convertible, and RF version is a hard roof convertible. You can know more from Henderson Mazda dealership

So, these are the cars which you should definitely check whenever visiting a dealership. Just remember your requirements and budget and choose wisely. You will get the best car for your needs. 

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