The Importance Of Bollards When It Comes To Road Safety

Bollards are used to protect areas and other aesthetics on the road while giving a good impression when it comes to physical appearance. It can provide a different level of protection for the commuters and drivers while looking at up-to-date traffic management equipment at the same time.

The value of bollards increases its fame during the past decade because of the demand for concerns about road safety and security. Bollards are simple, practical, and cost-effective and, most of all, useful for traffic control. Aside from security, bollards are also helpful when it comes to aesthetic purposes as a landscaping tool. 

According to the latest study, it has been identified that bollards are utilized as a safety precaution against vehicle coalition. This study has been proven when road security has been lightened up when bollards are installed all over the city. 

This study might give you some ideas about the popularity of bollards when searching for safety purposes or to prevent terrorist attacks. 

Different Type of Bollards

Aside from the information listed above, there are other varieties of bollards which you can be aware of when you see them in several locations like:

  • Yellow Bollards: It keeps you safe from getting too close to a vehicle drive-through windows
  • Bollards side-by-side: It protects you from driving your car into the pedestrians walking the path
  • Line of Flexible Bollards: It benefits the driver from the parking facilities to lift his or her awareness of two-way traffic ahead and a pedestrian crossing lane
  • Bollards in Front of Building Entrance: It protects the front of any building entrances by controlling the pedestrian traffic or crowd; also, it can be used to encircle statues, fountains, and other public landmarks. 

After knowing the different types of bollards, it is now the time for you to know its qualities and purposes that you might not probably hear. 

The Best Things About Bollards

Here are the importance and purposes of bollards when it comes to road safety. 

1. Gives High Safety

For sure, you are aware that car theft is a global problem. According to the recent statistics available, an average of 148 vehicles was stolen daily in Australia and can cost a total of $500 million.

So, to discourage and prevent this kind of practice and stopping these thieves from taking your property, you can install an automatic bollard on your house garage or in a driveway. You may use bollards for your workplace to prevent the same incidents. Also, you can ask a traffic management equipment hire personnel or a supplier if they can provide the bollard together with the installation service. 

2. Can be Installed in Different Areas

Generally, bollards are practical and useful for safety purposes in different variety of locations for multiple diverse applications. Bollards are responsible for taking a significant role in road public safety and generally applied in pathways, sidewalks, or entrances.

You can find bollards in:

  • Bus Terminals
  • Airports
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hospital Emergency and Ambulance parking bays
  • Recreational parks
  • School restrictive parking access
  • Community buildings.

3. Keeping off Parking Overflows

Bollards can prevent parking overflow in cars that try to park in; it can be extremely dangerous in case of fire. Also, if too many vehicles are blocking the car park can hindrance any emergency services from accessing a particular building. So, a car park bollard can manage and control over this scenario.

Bollards are essential to traffic management equipment for many road implementations, such as businesses like maintenance work, construction, and other road works. No matter what the purpose of the business, installing a bollard can make a positive difference when it comes to public road safety. 

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