Fun Ideas For Decorating Banquet Halls & Making Your Banquet A Place Of Reminiscence

Gurgaon Banquet halls for wedding are much in demand throughout Delhi. During the wedding season their prices hike and sometimes only the rick can afford to fix these halls as their wedding venue. Therefore one should always consider a lot of options as their wedding venue before fixing on anything. No bride or groom would want anything to go wrong on their wedding day. Moreover budget for the venue is just one part. There are also many other expenses involved in the wedding which one must consider. The wedding planner should look into all spheres.

After booking the hall the wedding planner along with others need to think about how to decorate the beautiful place so that the bride and groom and also the other guests would be enthralled. Imaginative and colourful; decorative items are always attractive.

There are number of varied idea which one can use to decorate these banquet halls for wedding ceremony. Themes might range from traditional theme, westernised theme, a heavily artistic them or something of more fun. Whatever it is make sure you have good lighting facility available in the banquet hall. Lighting is of primary concern.

Traditional look for your banquet hall is evergreen. For Indians tradition is still deeply rooted in their system. Artistic decor pieces like a jhaar in the middle of the hall are very attractive. Also make sure you always try to do something unique at your wedding. You can also be traditional with a modern touch or vice versa. A classic drape is always in fashion. Never place odd colours and coordinate the placing of different coloured items. The very plain chair can also be decorated nicely with a bow or a ribbon.

For the fun filled look you can add bit of a zing to the hall. You can do this by hanging around faux crystals and different coloured strings around the walls. An ice sculpture can also be used which can double up your game by serving liquor to your guests. For a very dramatic look you can add a fountain along the side.

Make sure you plan the decorations which will suit your budget. Do not go over the top with your decorations. On the other hand do not pay less attention to it because decorations play a huge role in lifting up the ambience of the wedding venue.

One can decide to employ creative means if his or her budget is not that high. Using spray paints and coloured pebbles is another way to have a colourful decor. On the table always make sure you use nice paper cloth or coloured handkerchiefs basing on your theme. Designer napkins can be fun. So if the budget suffices do not hesitate to employ such means. This small change can change the whole look and make your decor look more put together.

Make sure you plan the decor much before time, to achieve the ultimate decoration for your wedding venue.

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