How To Learn Physics Fast And Effectively?

Physics is a subject that has many mathematical problems and requires a lot of practice. There will be a lot of time consumption as the brain needs time to understand the concepts.

Before you dive headfirst into the subject, it is important to understand the different branches of Physics like classical physics, nuclear physics, etc which make it simpler to understand the distribution of marks as well as understanding which concept needs more practice.

Following are few tips on how to learn physics in a better and easy way:

  • Good understanding of the basics: Understand the basic concepts and avoid memorizing the problems. The easy method for this would be to do mind mapping.
  • Memorizing basic equations: There are a few basic equations that are helpful in many places and hence it is advisable to memorize the equations.
  • Strengthing your math skills: There are many mathematical parameters that are used in physics. Solving maths parallelly with physics can be really helpful.
  • Studying derivations: In physics exams: you can expect at least two derivation questions. All the basic equations that are used in physics are derivable like the derivation of types of motion, Maxwell’s equations, etc.
  • Analyze problems: The basic step of analyzing the problem is to stay calm and solve the problem from scratch like writing all the parameters that are given in the problem, writing the formula to be used, solving step by step and highlighting the final answer.
  • Focus on important aspects of each problem: Focus and write down the important points from the problem that are relevant to the problem. Also solving problems stepwise may also fetch you full marks.
  • Utilize drawings: Explaining the problem with the help of circuit diagrams, ray diagrams, and graphs make it easier to score well in exams. And also creates an impression that you are aware of the concept.

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