Key Benefits Of Doing The SSSTS Course

Taking up the Site Safety Supervisors Training Scheme (SSSTS) course in London can be extremely beneficial for you. The course will help you to learn about the health and safety information which are critical for all supervisors to know. Once you have enrolled on this course, you will be able to enjoy numerous benefits offered by it.

Short And Flexible 

One of the best features of the SSSTS course London is that they are short and flexible too. You can complete it quickly at your own pace, and even with a very busy schedule. You can choose your convenient time and complete the course accordingly. There are weekend and evening classes available too. You should go through the flexibility and timing options to choose whatever works the best for you.

Location Flexibility

Another important feature of the SSSTS course is that they offer location flexibility. You can enrol yourself on an online class or participate in a live course, from the convenience of your home. You can even take it sitting in another country, just choose the option which is suitable for you. There is also a lot of flexibility when it comes to class timing.


One of the best things about the SSSTS course London is that they are highly specialised and are designed to let you know about all the important information. From size hazards to health issues at the workplace, you will come to know about everything during this course. They are specifically designed for supervisors and hence will not waste your time on irrelevant information. You can always go for a streamlined course which will give you all the vital information needed to excel in your current job, give better performances, or get a new job.

Better Career

When you have completed this course, you can expect your resume to stand out to employers. You would get better job opportunities and more people would be interested to hire you as a supervisor. It can also help you to excel in your current job and advance your career quickly. If you are not in a supervisory role at the moment, completing this course can help you get a promotion. It would demonstrate that you have the knowledge and qualifications to take up the supervisory role seriously.

Always go for SSSTS courses that are CITB accredited. This would imply that it is a standardised course, which is trustworthy and has some quality. Completing an accredited course would increase the value of your resume and help you get noticed by potential employers. However, remember that these courses are valid for a given time, and once it expires, you would have to take a refresher course. As the duration of this course is very small and flexible, you will be able to complete it in a weekend.

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