Get An Insight Into Best 2020 Sports Cars From Chevrolet

Every driving enthusiast should own a sports car to enjoy the thrills it offers. From elegant interior to stylish exterior and more, owning a sports car is a must for all to experience the pleasures of driving in an open road. This is one of the reasons for people to visit Jacksonville Chevy and order either a 2020 Corvette or a Camaro 2020. 

Which one to buy? To know simply learn about the 2020 Camaro and Corvette! 

  • Corvette 2020 models 

It is available in 2 variants; one is the coupe, and another one is the convertible. Both the models are equipped with V8 6.2L engine that produces 490 horsepower and torque of 470 lb-ft. However, to increase the horsepower to 495, one can simply add the Z51 package. It is estimated that the Corvette will offer 26 mpg on the highway. The rest of the details about mileage are yet to be revealed.

This package includes performance exhaust with dual-mode along with rear slip differential, summer tires, aggressive brakes, and more. It takes about 2.8 seconds max to reach 0-60 mph, and that should explain the power this car packs. 

The coupe and convertible have three different trims. The coupe’s prices are 1LT $59,995, 2LT $67,295, and 3LT $71,495. The convertibles are prices at 1LT $67,495, 2LT $74,295, and 3LT $78,495. Since you are planning to buy a sports car for feel the4 rush and excitement of driving one, it is suggested to buy a convertible, most probably 2LT or 3LT model with Z51 package installed. 

Also, it is a two-seater vehicle which is equipped with ample features like leather seats, elegant dashboard, gauge display of 12-inch, etc. In short, it offers an attractive interior and ample space for driver and passenger to seat comfortably and enjoy every ride!

  • Camaro 2020

With a standard V6 four-cylinder engine, Camaro is one of the most sold cars from Chevrolet. IT packs ample power that helps in generating 275 horsepower which takes 5.1 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. However, to have that sports car sound and performance, most opt for the aspirated 6-cylinder V6 engine that produces a massive 375 horsepower. 

However, this is not all; there is an optional V8 engine available that provide people with the colossal horsepower of 455 and torque of 455 lb-ft. This enhancement is employed through its delivery of linear power along with outstanding acceleration due to its dual-mode optional exhaust. 

The V6 can be paired with a manual 6-speed transmission or the automatic 10-speed one, whichever is preferred by the owner. 

With ample space inside the cabin and Infotainment 3 from Chevrolet, make every ride in this vehicle a memorable one. Four trims are available; LS costs $25,995, LT at $26,495, LT1 at $34,995, and lastly SS which is priced at $37,995. To know more about Chevrolet sports cars visit Chevrolet dealers near Jacksonville

So, now that you know about both these sports cars, simply choose the one which fulfils your needs as well as the one which attracts you the most. Both are beasts; hence, choosing any one of these will not be wrong!

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