Brief Description About Stun Guns

In today’s world every women need a self defense device to protect them. Every country has their rules when it comes to the usage of this device. When it comes to self defense devices you can find many different types like spray, tasers, knifes, alarms, different types of stun devices and many others. Among them it is better to use the best stun gun which protects you effectively. Many people may not be aware of this guns, this article will help you to understand what it is?

Stun gun is a handy device which emits electric shock to stop an attacker. Mostly these guns come with the rechargeable battery and it is advisable to charge the battery full before using it. As this was designed with low power there will be no serious injuries may occur. It temporary protects you from the situation to escape from the attacker. They may be muscle paralyzed for 50 -60 minutes which depends on the stunned time. They are proven to be a best self defense device and mostly used in police departments, security agents and by individuals.

This device use low amperage and high voltage to attack the attacker which affects the muscular and nerves system of a human for some particular time period. Once you stunned the attacker, he cannot produce his muscle energy and his body is unable to function for at least one hour. The energy loss makes it difficult to move and function, so for you it is very easy to escape from the attacker.

This gun has been proven to be a safe device for all, since they do not cause any serious or permanent damage. Once you have decided to buy this gun, make sure that you are using it in the right way. It is not safe to use by children which may affect them by misusing it. So it is better to keep it safe and away from children. Before buying it, it is also better to check whether the gun is legal and you can use in your country or state. If not it may be a criminal offense.

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