Why People Are Purchasing 2020 Kia K900 Luxury Vehicle?

Sometimes cars are just a mode of transportation and sometimes these are a luxurious ride to enjoy the journey to the fullest possible. One of the luxury cars which are in high demand currently is Kia K900. It is one of the best sold luxury cars from Kia dealer Porter and you should know why people are purchasing this vehicle in 2020. 

Reasons for buying this vehicle

There are ample amount of reasons when it comes to booking a Kia K900. However, the primary reasons include: 

  • Powerful engine 
  • Comfortable and classy interior
  • Advanced infotainment system 

These are some of the aspects which make people purchase this car. Have a look at these in-depth!

Turbocharged V6 engine for significant power 

The 2020 version of K900 is equipped with V6 3.3L turbocharged engine that makes it glide on road. It produces 365 horsepower along with torque of 376 lb-ft. In addition, Kia paired this engine with automatic 8-speed transmission which makes this a sweet ride to drive around. Moreover, this model comes with AWD drivetrain that offers improved traction when driving on slippery road due to snow or rain. 

In just 5 seconds this vehicle can reach 0-60 mph making it one of the fastest cars in this category. Moreover, people can use this sedan as an everyday vehicle as it offers poised and composed driving aspect. Also, its custom drive mode aspect allows a driver to tailor this vehicle’s performance to suit one’s preference. 

It comes in just one trim Luxury, which is priced at $60,935. This lavishly equipped version meets all requirements of most buyers which is why everyone is booking it from Porter Kia dealership. In short, it is a powerful vehicle which offers the joy and thrills of driving it and its luxurious aspects make it quite the buy for people. 

Elegant and comfortable interior 

When talking about design, Kia K900 is more than adequate when comparing with other brands’ cars luxurious cabin. Apart from stylish opulence, this car offers a cabin that offers a massive comfort to passengers and drivers. 

It offers ample legroom along with power adjustable seats which offers relaxing support like a lounge chair. What makes it even better is the automatic three zone climate control along with rear seats that are power adjustable. 

In addition, this vehicle has a trunk of 15.3 cubic feet which is much more than most of its competitors are providing their vehicles in this category. 

Advanced and user-friendly infotainment system 

Buying this car allows one to enjoy range of modern technological features. It is equipped with a touchscreen of 12.3 inches for great viewing pleasure. Also, it is equipped with Bluetooth for streaming purposes and smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, it has a modern and user-friendly navigation system, 17-speaker sound system, Wi-Fi, hotspot, satellite radio, and more. 

These are just some of the reasons as to why people are keen on purchasing Kia K900. So, if you want to ride in luxury and enjoy having the most comfortable rides in your life, then getting this vehicle is a must. 

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