Is It Easier To Maintain Electric Cars?

Today Electric cars are the best alternatives to the conventional ones for various reasons. Giving the atmosphere a chance to regenerate, and saving the users from the high fuel expenditures, the all-electric and hybrid types are taking over the market at an unstoppable speed. The team of mechanics at Petaluma Honda, assured us of the fact that vehicles that are purely operating without any optional gasoline engine, offer another benefit for the users which is almost zero maintenance for the mechanical parts. As the moving parts are fewer in number, an all-electric car will also have lesser number of fluids. And the result will be the following benefits:


These all-electric cars will have extended intervals for brake wear, because of the regenerative braking which is a process that can harness a huge amount of energy from the car parts that are placed inside the battery system as providential. This automatically ensures the brake pads to last longer with the maintenance intervals stretching almost twice of the conventional vehicle.

Tire Rotation

The latest all-electric vehicles released from the leading brands are asking for even lesser maintenance. All you have to keep them moving at their highest capacity is following the guidelines provided by your manufacturer. This is most applicable for the tire rotation that will let you enjoy longer intervals for all the four tires.

Coolant Replacement

Electric cars are consisted of a thermal management system that do need to use coolant, almost the same way as it happens in traditional gasoline vehicles. But because of the electric motors that don’t heat up the system like that of the traditional ones, the requirement of coolant replacement is also lesser than the conventional ones.

Fluid Check

Apart from the coolant, the all-electric vehicles do use two other fluids for its mechanisms to run the vehicle. They are the brake fluid and the windshield washer fluid. The Brake fluid needs to be checked and replaced as suggested in the owner’s manual, the Windshield fluid needs to be added time to time. But you can increase the intervals by choosing a winter blender to lower down the freezing point if you reside in colder regions.

Replacement of the Battery System

The only one maintenance part of any all-electric vehicle that might be an expensive affair is  replacement of the electric battery system. The Electric cars need nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-ion battery pack, that are still having a lifespan, that can’t be said to be unlimited.

But fortunately enough, with every new edition, the higher grade electric cars are now being powered by a battery that are having warranty for all the drivetrain components, even covering the battery pack and its components for a span of eight years or a driving limit of 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

After Thoughts

At the Honda Petaluma we also came to know that the Electric batteries might end up losing its efficiency over a period of time if the car is not driven for a long time. In such cases the battery pack might require to be replaced. Again these costs can be safely avoided if you can lease it out or sell it off before the battery system ages and starts losing its power.

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