Why Is Porsche 718 Boxster The Best Sports Car Money Can Buy?

When looking to purchase a sports car, Porsche 718 Boxster is something everyone should check out first. It is considered by numerous experts to be one of the best vehcile which money can buy from sports cars in Bakersfield

Not every individual understand this car’s magnificence especially when rivals have some click-bait options. However, people who have experienced prefect balance of Porsche’s chassis as well as its serene steering, they know why experts consider this to be one of the best sports cars to buy. 

So, without any delay, check out why this sports car should be your first option!

Engine of Porsche 718 Boxster 

It has different versions which are equipped with three different engines. The first and standard engine is 4-cylinder 2L turbocharged engine, which is fitted in the base model as well as the T version. It offers horsepower of 300 that makes it quite as fast as its rivals. 

The next is the turbocharged four-cylinder 2.5L option which is equipped in S model. It provides a massive horsepower of 350 that makes it faster than most of its rival in this category. Lastly, the option available for GTS model is turbocharged four-cylinder 2.5L engine which generates a whooping of 365 horsepower. 

All of the models come with manual 6-speed transmission. However, if any one wants can opt for the automatic 7-speed transmission, which is Porsche’s clairvoyant. The GTS model with automatic transmission is the quickest of all. 

Furthermore, its steering prowess and handling are things which inspire people’s affection towards this vehicle. Also, its engine layout along with ideal chassis helps one to feel the stability and balance. Also, it offers firm steering which reacts quickly when needed along with accurate input of every detail for helping an individual have the perfect ride. 

Fuel consumption

The base model offers 21 mpg when driving in city and 28 on highway. However, opting for the automatic dual clutch system increases mileage by 1, which means in city, it gets 22 mpg and 29 on highway. To know more about this get in touch with Bakersfield sports car

Price and more 

The entry level model of 718 Boxster is Base which costs $61,000. The mid-tier models include T and S which costs $69,850 and $73,000 respectively. The top trim GTS is priced at $84,000. With such low prices for a sports car is often something people should at least try. However, Base and T, these two models are not much preferred by people as most opt for either S or GTS version to feel the thrill of driving a sports car. 

From ample of features and color choices, S or GTS is the correct choice for all who is looking to buy a sports car. Moreover, one can add premium packages along with some other dealer installed package to feel the ultimate thrill and excitement of riding a sports car. 

So, now you are aware of why Porsche 718 Boxster is one of the best sports cars money can buy. Hence, opt for a test drive and experience the pleasure of driving this beast yourself. 

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