Why Buy A BMW M8 When Looking For Luxury Cars?

With loaded features, massive engine power, and muscular exterior, BMW M8 stands apart from all cars in this segment. It is one of the best luxury vehicles in the market and is the reason why people purchase it from San Luis Obispo car dealerships. However, if you are curious about knowing its power and more simply keep reading this article. It will offers detailed insight into engine, interior, performance, pricing and more. 

So, let’s start with engine and performance!

Engine specs and more

What makes this car stand apart is its 4.4L V8 twin turbocharged engine. One can easily understand how power this engine is; for those who doesn’t the next information will provide an idea.  It generates horsepower of 600 and torque of 533 lb-ft (all the standard models). The competition version goes over 617 hp. 

This high performing vehicle is created using sporty exhaust system along with firmer suspension, unique wheels and the drive mode “Track”. The powerful engine of M8 is paired with automatic 8-speed transmission for handling smooth gear changes. It’s available in AWD drivetrain and the company also expects to equip it with a new brake system; however, that is still in works. In addition, it offers 15 mpg when driving in a city and 21 when on highway. 

Next up is prices and models!

Cost of M8 

The M8 comes in two different format; one is a coupe another is a convertible. The base price of the Cope model is $133,000; however, the price of convertible starts from $142,500. The curb weight of this vehicle varies from 4295 to 4560 pounds, depending on which style one wants to drive; a coupe or convertible. Also, the dimension of this car is height 53” x width 75”x length 191”. 

The company has decided to launch sometime in the second or third quarter of 2020’s financial year to launch this model. The exact dates are yet to be confirmed. To know more about it and pre-booking get in touch with car dealers near San Luis Obispo

Interior and infotainment 

Cars from BMW’s M series always have one thing common, which is the interior. They are quite identical but always come with a luxurious look that makes people get easily attracted to it. The same goes on for M8. 

Its cabin offer ample space to people along with a digitized instrument panel which increases the aesthetic view. The infotainment system offered is always user friendly. Apart from it, the car comes with interior made out of high-quality materials along with loaded features which only a few cars in this segment provide. 

All these things make the 2020 M8 an ideal car for people who want to ride in luxury and comfort. From elegant looks to outstanding features this car goes well above its competitors in this category. 

So, if you are looking for a luxury ride to buy in this year, ensure checking out the BMW M8’s version first. Once you ride it, it will all you want to have in your life! 

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