5 Upcoming Technologies That Can Upgrade Your Vehicle

The industry of automotive is evolving faster than ever before. Innovative technologies are replacing the earlier ones for a better transportation experience in every sense. From safety to drive comfort, from entertainment to further usability, change is happening for better. Here we have handpicked five such upcoming innovative technologies suggested by the experts of the Chevrolet dealer Pocatello that will push your in-car experience further into a safer and more exotic one.

V2V and V2I

These are communication technologies for the vehicles to gain a smoother and safer drive experience. 

V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle communication) use wireless signals to send all the important information between the vehicles running about in an area to reduce the chances of collisions that happen due to wrong timing of their movements. 

V2I(vehicle-to-infrastructure) on the other hand is the technology to establish communication between the vehicles and thetraffic signals, road signs and road conditions. This way, the chances of traffic congestion and rough driving probabilities will come down. 

External Airbags

To create an extra layer of protection for all car occupants and to limit the damage of car bodies due to collisions, automotive engineers are coming up with the idea of external airbags, that will inflate at the slightest probability of collision. It will work in tune with the cameras and radars to know the exact location of the car and hence, the direction of collision it is heading towards. These external airbags are meant to inflate within 30 milliseconds, so, it will be able to protect the car almost instantaneously reducing the effect of damage almost to nil. 

Smart Headlights

This is the smart generation that use “smart” technologies almost everywhere. The upcoming cars are now going to have “smart” headlights that will have the capacity to adjust the level of brightness automatically as well as the direction depending on the conditions of the road and weather it is driving through. The laser high beams will automatically illuminate the road at least up to one-third of a mile ahead, counting twice the range of what the LED high-beam headlights can reach.

Augmented Reality Dashboard

To identify every kind of external objects and display all the vital information on the windshield screen to alert the driver, there will be Augmented Reality dashboards (AR) that will tell the driver how far they are. The AR display will also overlay the information safely on the top of what the driver is currently seeing so that it doesn’t interfere with his visibility.

Energy-Storable Body Panels

This will be mostly used for the hybrid vehicles that are carrying heavy batteries to save on fuel. These energy-storing body panels will be made out of the mixture of polymer fiber and carbon resin, reducing the car weight by almost 15 percent. 

As shown to us by the Pocatello Chevrolet dealer experts, with the help of these technologies not only the vehicles will be able to communicate with each other, but they will also come to know about the conditions of the roads coming ahead which will enhance the level of safety to a significant level. 

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