Make Easy And Healthy Idlis At Home

When we think about South Indian breakfast, the common dishes that come to one’s mind are idli, dosa, and medu vada. Some are served with coconut chutneys while some are served with sambhar (a specially made lentil soup) or rasam. Now, one may think that there is only a single kind of dosa or idli available in food joints and restaurants. But this is completely wrong. There are varieties of dosa and idlis served and one can even try them making at home.

If you are searching for beetroot idli recipe, you can always get it online or in any cook books which are especially filled with South Indian recipes. Most people bank on idli as a breakfast or a snack item because this one is made from fermented batter, and it is one of the healthiest possible food items available. This one is very delicious and also easy to prepare. In fact, many dieticians prescribe soft and steamed idli in one’s regular healthy diet as it has not fat but full of nutrition. That is why; many health conscious people all over India love to have idlis and dosas, and by that, they both have become popular food items in the country. The point is one can prepare idlis from a lot of things apart from beetroots. It can be prepared from rava, ragi, rice, lentils and as well as from brown rice. Those who are extra health conscious and have body weight problems prefer idlis made from brown rice.

The key to making good idlis lies behind the proper fermentation of an idli batter. Only if they are properly fermented, then only one can get fluffy and soft idlis in return. But if you are making idli at home, then do not forget to make coconut chutneys or sambhar to serve with it; otherwise, it will taste very dry. Though most people think that idli is a breakfast item, one can have it at any time of the day when they are feeling hungry as it keeps the stomach filled up for a long time.

Here are some varieties of idli which one can make at home.

Poha Idli: Poha is a kind of flattened rice, and the batter is made with it along with urad daal and idli rice. As a result, one can get soft and fluffy idli.

Rava Idli: Here the batter is made from semolina which is locally called sooji. In the case of fermentation, no grinding is needed here. They taste really good and different from regular rice idlis.

Oats Idli: If you are very health conscious, then you can try making this variety at home. The batter is made from multigrain oats, and they are fermented well before the idli is made.

Ragi Idli: Here the idli batter comprises of parboiled rice, finger millet flour, and urad daal. This one is highly nutritious.

How to make beetroot idli is not a difficult question as you now know that the batter has to be made from fermented beetroot.

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