Resources To Help You Become Expert Chilled Food Courier Service

We human beings go crazy over making money all through our life in order have meals three times a day. The needs and wants of a person keep changing from time to time. Nowadays, most of the millennials migrate to distant cities to work and raise money. But their food habits and interests do not change. According to a recent survey made by a famous research institute in Asia, “close to 70 per cent of the youth love seafood and they wish to consume their favourite non-vegetarian food items anytime from anywhere”. With this need in the market the golden business of this era in the food and beverage industry which is the chilled food courier service business got its inception world-wide.

If any budding entrepreneur aspires to become the expert in this chilled food courier business, he should have the following resources and infrastructure in place:

  1. Well-equipped Ambient Storage setup with,
  1. Complete stock management and reconciliation facilities
  2. Import/export container loading/unloading
  3. Ambient distress load management
  4. Pallet inversion and case picking
  5. Real-time stock reports and proof of delivered items
  6. Email, Faxed and web-based order placing facilities
  1. Facilities for Chilled food storage packing with labelling and boxing activities.
  2. Controlled temperature management with live temperature monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  3. Daily reporting mechanism to view the sold out and live stocks in order to replenish the inventory of the Chilled food courier business.
  4. Facilities to ensure the food tampering does not occur by extending the shelf life period of the chilled food by maintaining the food in a chilled temperature condition as desired by the retailer or wholesaler.
  5. Support facilities for seasonal and promotional packing with desired quality labelling.
  6. Traceability feature for empowering your customers to track your chilled food service via mobile applications and messaging facilities
  7. Local human resources who are proficient enough in the native language and road routes to support private orders apart from retailer owners for the purpose of home delivery.
  8. Robust transport system to support import and export chilled courier business functions.
  9. Case consolidation infrastructure is needed for chilled courier business in order to support bulk orders.

If one aspires to turn out as an expert in chilled food courier business, he should have a specialist team along with him to advise him on innovations and quality management. He should also have quite a good number of talented and experienced professionals as his work force in order carry out the operations and logistics seamlessly. One should have a well-built infrastructure to take and deliver any order at any time to kill the cut throat competition. There should be no delay in responding the customer and the products delivery. Starters in this business should not be price conscious, try to keep up the price at an optimum bandwidth close to the market price. On a nut shell, chilled courier business runs on trust across geographies which are essentially relied upon delivering the desired product on time!

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