How To Cook Healthy Food With An Air Fryer

If you’ve heard your friends talk about a new appliance, or if you’ve searched up oil less fryers review in the hopes of finding something new and exciting that will replace the old fat fryer you have, that is slowly gaining dust in the top cupboard, you may have spotted the new appliance that is causing a stir in the food market. It uses an extremely powerful fan to fry any food of your choice, as oil is spread about the basket of the device, cooking food to perfection. I speak of course, of the new air fryer that is being created by a multitude of kitchen appliance companies. They are steadily growing in popularity after a number of household name companies released their own iterations onto the market. But you may be seeing all these wonderful things and reviews about them and wondering how they actually do cook and fry food successfully. Well, we’ve got you covered, we’re going to explain to you how to cook and eat healthy using this appliance! Have a read, and maybe you’ll be enticed enough to try one out yourself!

Minimal oil 

The whole reason that frying food is seen as one of the worst things to do in terms of health is because it involves soaking food in fatty oils in order for it to heat up and fry successfully. Though this results in juicy fried chicken and mouth-watering chips a lot of the time, it can come at a price, that price being the expanding of your waistline! People are moving away from using their deep-fat fryers and this is exactly the market in which the air fryer is going to become quite powerful. Because, whether it is chicken, chips or whatever else, you don’t need to coat it in oil like you did in your old fryer. All you need to do is actually give your chosen food a little spray of oil, not a coat, not a glaze, just a light spray! Once you put it in the machine, this oil will be spread about using a fan blowing extremely hot air over the food. This is the process that results in healthier and better food when using an air fryer.

Empty the basket 

This is something that may not have crossed your reading if you’ve been searching farberware oil less fryer review or similar things, as it only really comes with using the fryer for a very long time. One of the ways the air fryer is similar to fryers from the past, is that it does have to collect residue oil and fat to stop its’ systems becoming clogged up. It stores this down below the basket. With this in mind, it is extremely important that you empty this residue fat as regularly as possible, as if you do not, the fat will start to build and will affect how future things are fried. You don’t want to ruin any amazing dishes this way, so the healthy way of going about having one of these is to always empty it out!

Don’t just use it for frying 

A lot of people who have started using an air fryer can’t say a bad word about, they think it’s a fantastic and revolutionary way of frying foods that definitely trumps the processes they used before! But, what a lot of people have been cottoning onto is the fact that the air fryer doesn’t just have to be for frying! You can actually use it for a myriad of cooking processes, people have reported using theirs for baking salmon and said that it came out perfectly! This wonderful machine really doesn’t stop amazing! Just adjust your settings accordingly, and have a go at cooking something else! And a lovely piece of salmon, topped with air-fried chips and a bit of salad is a great dish, it’s healthy, delicious, and with an air-fryer, it’s pretty easy to make to!

So there you have it! A few tips on how to use an air fryer in a way that champions healthy eating whilst using the amazing new appliance! If you are someone who really loves to look after their health, especially when eating then this is an appliance for you. Similarly, if you want to start looking after yourself in the diet department, this appliance would be a great addition to your kitchen. It promotes easy cooking, and also promotes healthy eating too!

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