America’s Top Career Choices For 2021

We’re all quite aware that there is no perfect job, nor does one job suit everyone. However, some of the best careers have several qualities in common, such as:

They are a perfect match for our skills and talents.
They pay well.
They are not too stressful.
They challenge you to grow as a professional and as an individual.
They offer plenty of opportunities for career advancement.
They have a healthy work-life balance.

We have taken the liberty of listing down some of the top career choices in the U.S. today based on job opportunities and median salaries.

America’s Top 10 Career Choices for 2021

  1. Physician Assistant

    Job availability: 39,300
    Median Salary: $112,260

Physician assistants are not exactly assistants to physicians, but instead, they are medical service providers who collaborate with physicians. Their responsibilities include obtaining patient histories, diagnosing sicknesses, gives counsel to patients, and assisting in surgical procedures.

  1. Software Developer

    Job availability: 316,000
    Median Salary: $107,510

Ever since the pandemic hit, the demand for software developers and IT specialists has increased because almost everyone transitioned to the online world. Technical skills are a must for this job, but so are creativity and innovation.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

    Job availability: 110,700
    Median Salary: $109,820

Nurse practitioners (NP) received training to assess and evaluate a patient’s needs, make a diagnosis of diseases, order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic test results, and write down prescriptions. NPs have more have significantly more training hours compared to registered nurses but have fewer than actual MDs.

  1. Medical and Health Services Manager

    Job availability: 133,200
    Median Salary: $100,980

When it comes to medical institutions and organizations, a certain group of people, called medical and health services managers, work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that things run smoothly in the daily operations of the organization or community center they belong to so that these health care providers can give quality services to patients.

  1. Physician

    Job availability: 18,500
    Median Salary: $206,500

A physician may be known by several names, including a doctor, medical doctor, or medical practitioner. Still, his or her primary responsibility is to promote, maintain, and restore a person’s physical health. Physicians typically deal with and keep their focus on non-surgical patient treatments.

  1. Statistician

    Job availability: 14,800
    Median Salary: $91,160

Statistics, or the study of data to come up with well-informed decisions, are a crucial part of any organization and company. For this reason, statisticians remain to be at the upper half of the list of most ideal jobs today.

  1. Speech-Language Pathologist

    Job availability: 40,500
    Median Salary: $79,120

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP), also known as speech and language therapists, are communications experts that help assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent speech impediments and anything that can hinder effective verbal communication in children and adults.

  1. Data Scientist

    Job availability: 10,300
    Median Salary: $94,280

Perhaps one of the most technical jobs in the world today is data scientist. These professionals are analytical experts who help identify trends and manage data using their social science and technological skills.

  1. Dentist

    Job availability: 3,700
    Median Salary: $155,600

Oral healthcare is as important as medical healthcare. The very first person you think of when it comes to oral healthcare provision is a dentist. Dentists and other dental healthcare providers help keep your teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible. If you’re unsure whether you want to be a dentist but would also like to be in the same industry, you can take up a dental assisting course first, get training, and see how it goes from there.

  1. Veterinarian

    Job availability: 14,200
    Median Salary: $95,460

Most of the jobs posted here that are related to the medical field generally work with human beings. But what about our pets? Who is supposed to help us take care of them and make sure they’re at optimal health?

Fortunately, one of the top job openings in the U.S. today is for veterinarians. It’s not an easy field to get into because not only are you expected to work really well with animals, but you’re also supposed to have great social and communication skills when it comes to dealing with pet owners. In a lot of cases, veterinarians would rather deal with animals than people. 

So which job do you think suits you best? Do you have any other careers in mind that you believe should be included on this list? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below. We would love to find out what these jobs are.