Which Cake Are You Ordering For This Birthday ?

It’s difficult to imagine a birthday without a cake…!  It is one of the important things to consider in the birthday preparations. When you don’t plan well in advance, you can get disappointed at the time of cake delivery. Here under, we suggest you a few popular cakes for birthday.

Cheese cake:

Celebrations of any adult birthday can’t be completed without the cheese cake. Depending upon the recipe of the cake, it can include cream cheese, cottage cheese or sometimes even sour cream. It is characterized by its rich and creamy texture. Of late, it has turned out to be a good alternative for the traditional cakes. The taste can vary from sweet to tangy, depending largely on the ingredients and baking techniques.

Chocolate cakes:

When you wish to buy online birthday cakes, you have to admit that chocolate cakes will always be your first priority. It’s not strange to say that many people know the cake as a chocolate cake..! You can choose it to be a simple one with butter cream or you can also choose it to be more complex.  It has two layers made from a variety of frostings and fillings. After all, a chocolate cake can make a perfect treat for any occasion.

Chiffon cakes:

This is another major cake to consider for birthdays, only next to chocolate cakes. It has a reputation for its light weight. If you ever wondered what makes it so, you need to have a close look at its ingredients. It constitutes of eggs, vegetable oils, flour, sugar, baking powder and a few other flavorings as per your choice. Since vegetable oil has replaced the traditional butter used in cakes, it has turned out to be a lighter one. The best way to serve this cake is with fruit toppings

Carrot cake:

Never heard of it before..? This time, when you order for birthday cakes, choose a carrot cake. As the name suggests, its major ingredient is the carrot. After grinding the carrots, they are mixed with butter or margarine, and this makes to be one of the much denser cakes you ever know. Unlike most other cakes, it consumes less sugar as the carrots sweetens the cake to a large extent. When you serve this cake, garnish with chopped nuts and frost with cream icing. Preferring this cake can let you to choose from a wide range of flavors.

Personalized cakes:

On a big day, personalized birthday cakes can truly amuse the recipient. Unlike other cakes, these are not just confined to their taste. Rather, a personalized cake can make any person feel special. However, it doesn’t have any standardized procedures to order or bake. It is completely dependent on your creativity. In this case, you have to research a little before you order birthday cakes. Getting to know about the likes and preferences of the host can guide you better.

There are various components of a birthday cake like flavors and icing, which you need to consider strongly. Of late, novelty cakes have become widely popular as they can be converted into any complex shape with ease. Choose the perfect topping and icing for the cake you select.


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