Gather Insights Into 2021 Corvette – Best Car From Chevrolet

2021 Corvette

Do you want people keep staring at you while you pass them on road? 

If that is the case then Chevy Corvette 2021 is your car. From a stylish exterior to a remarkable powertrain, features and all; there might be only a few cars which can be compared with it. Moreover, it is reasonably priced as the base model 1LT starts from $60,995 while 2LT and 3LT starts from $68,295 and $72,945. 

So, there is no doubt it is the sports car you should have when going in Spruce Pine Chevrolet dealership. However, get an insight into this vehicle before getting it for yourself. 

Powertrain of Corvette 2021 

Since it is a sports car, before anything else, people should know about the engine and its performance that makes it appealing in the first place. The engine is same as its predecessors a V8 6.2L but is being accommodated in the rear portion instead of its usual place in the front. 

It spits horsepower of 490 and torque of 470 lb-ft; however, horsepower increases if one equips the Z51 package. Also, this engine is teamed with auto dual clutch transmission 8-speed, which can be controlled using shift paddles or push button option. Chevy decided to opt out of manual transmission for the 2021 model. This powertrain is capable of reaching 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, which is quicker than numerous costlier sports cars in the market. 

In city it provides 15 mpg and on highway 27 mpg, which is quite good for a sports car. If you are looking to gather even more details on the powertrain or performance it can provide then visit Spruce Pine Chevrolet dealer

Outstanding interior 

Sitting inside the cabin feels like one is sitting in the lap of luxury. The Corvette as usual comes with a two-seater structure/layout. The interior is designed with high quality leather along with suede, real metal, etc. Also, the stitched headliner makes the interior looks even more fetching. 

Also, the roof of this vehicle can be removed similar to earlier versions and fits inside trunk of car. When roof is closed, the truck can fit in enough luggage for two people going on a weekend trip or so. 

It is an ideal car that offers pleasures of driving which is why driver seat is placed in such a way that it offers the feel of driving a fast sports car. Also, gauge display, infotainment touchscreen etc. are positioned in a way that a driver can easily access it without any hassle. In short, the cabin of 2021 Corvette is driver focused and people looking to experience the thrills of driving a sports car should at least take a test drive of this beast when going to a showroom. 

One can keep on going about the new Corvette as it is one of the best sports cars not just from Chevrolet but is one of the best in the Sport car segment of automobile industry. Hence, you should get it, if you plan to buy a sports car in the near future.