Honda Cars – Striving To Be New All The Time

Honda Motor Company Limited is a much loved and branded Japanese multinational corporation manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles. Sir Soichiro Honda was the great man who founded this company in the year 1959. Honda’s head office is at Minato – Tokyo in Japan, in addition to plants and assembly offices all around the world.

The Honda brand was high on brand recall, product reliability and general refinement of their cars. All those attributes were ones that would go down well in a market like India. It placed its firm foot in the Indian car market in the year 1995 as Honda Cars India Limited or HCIL and has been since then expanding its market share rapidly. The principal aim was to present Honda’s latest passenger car models and technologies to the Indian buyers. Honda City is one of the best sealing cars from Honda.

Honda manufactures all types of vehicles including the hatchbacks, sedans, wagons, vans and mini vans and SUVs.  They are upgraded frequently and novel vehicles are brought out year after year. Honda cars are truly passenger friendly cars guaranteeing safety, economy, durability, comfort and style. Very smooth car body and parts, finest upholstery, powerful engines giving high mileage, controllable speed scales and many other safety and comfort features enhance the overall driving experience of Honda cars. All their cars are ornamented by the beautiful ‘H’ brooch.

Honda has also taken care of producing environment friendly cars which is the need of the time. The company has come up with engines with lower CO2 emission and better fuel economy. The Honda Civic Natural Gas runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for near-zero emissions. Honda hybrid vehicles combine the performance and convenience of gas with the efficiency of electricity. Honda also produced a hybrid electric vehicle known as the Insight which was first launched by Honda in late 1999 and it was the first commercial hybrid electric car sold in the US market. It was the most fuel-efficient mass produced green car at the time.

Honda always produces vehicles to cater to different needs and markets worldwide. Hence their cars vary from country to country and those cars have features exclusive to that particular region. Honda’s global lineup consists of the Honda Fit (Jazz), Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Insight, Honda CR-V, and Honda Odyssey. Honda City, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Jazz, Honda Brio, Honda CR-V, Honda Amaze and Honda Mobilio are the vehicles produced in India for local and export markets.

Honda cars start from just Rs. 4 lakhs and the top end models cost nearly more than Rs. 24 lakhs. Honda has sales outlets, service centres and enormous plants in almost all countries as it has buyers across the globe.

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