Keep Your Business Going Throughout The Winter

There is no doubt about it – winter is well and truly here. With the UK set to endure one of the coldest predicted winters in recent memory, it is more important than ever to ensure that gas suppliers are ready to cope with the upsurge in demand. The UK has already suffered from one freak storm in recent weeks which left trees upturned, and power cut off. However, another huge storm is due to hit in the next week or so with winds and blizzards predicted to reach over 100 miles per hour.

Gas suppliers will want to ensure that they have the correct number of gas forklifts to ensure that they are ready to transport emergency gas supplies when they are needed most. The Met Office has issued a Yellow warning across most of the UK so that people know that it may be a good idea to stock up on their energy and power supplies. The Chief forecaster said:

“A vigorous depression is expected to run quickly northeastwards passing west of Scotland. As this happens, very strong south to southwest winds are likely to develop across much of northern UK. At this stage there remains uncertainty in the extent of the strongest winds. It still remains possible that more of northern England and northwest Wales could also be affected.”

A gas forklift is the ideal way of transporting heavy goods in a safe and secure fashion. One of the biggest advantages of using LPG fork lifts as opposed to using diesel or electricity equivalents is the fact that it is a much ‘greener’ fuel. Whilst the extent of global warming is subject to some debate, there is no doubting the fact that it is important to look after the environment as much as possible. With bad weather due to hit, businesses need to have equipment which doesn’t rely on weather dependent power sources.

Suitable for use both indoors and out, LPG forklifts can operate for 24 hours a day without suffering from any loss of power. It is advisable for businesses and individuals to keep an eye on the weather every day throughout winter because when roads get shut and power gets cut there can be a huge effect on everyday life. Weather Channel meteorologist Leon Brown has added to the current warnings for the forthcoming weeks by explaining that:

“From Thursday to Christmas there is a high risk of gales. At the moment there is a 30 to 40 per cent risk of severe gales for central and southern Britain on Thursday. Worst case is 70 to 90mph gusts across exposed parts of Wales and the south, but even 70mph gusts for central Britain would cause a lot of disruption.”

Make sure that your business is as protected as possible this winter by using the best equipment on the market. A business which can operate to full productivity levels regardless of the weather is bound to have an advantage over competitors. Invest in your business for future success.

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