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Heartburn During The Course Of Pregnancy

A majority of women experience heart burn during the course of pregnancy. This is all the more so during the second and third trimester of pregnancies. This goes by the name of acid indigestion and is accompanied by a burning sensation. The main reason of heartburn springing up during pregnancy is because of fluctuation in hormone levels. This is going to have an impact on how foods are digested in the digestive tract and the tolerance levels in various foods is ascertained. Coupled with the fact that the uterus which is enlarged goes on to crowd the abdomen that pushes the stomach acid upwards. Though it is on the rarer side, the possibilities of gallstones causing heart burn during the course of pregnancy cannot be ruled out as well.

How to treat heart burn during the course of pregnancy

Medicines you can take while pregnant  might provide you with a degree of relief, but one needs to get deeper on to the problem. Any remedial measure that needs to be adopted should not go on to harm the baby in any way

  • Instead of 3 large meals a day split your daily intake of food into 3 small meals
  • Eat in a slow manner
  • Do make it a point that you do avoid spicy foods that increases the chance of heartburn
  • When you are eating drink less water. If you drink a large amount of water while having food it increases the chances of acid influx coupled with heart burn
  • After eating do not get straight on to bed
  • The head of your bed should be at a higher level than that of the foot. It is quite possible that you could go on to place your shoulders under the pillow so that the stomach acids do not make their way on to your chest
  • You could seek the expert opinion of certain over the counter medications that are safe to be consumed during pregnancy. It might have come to your notice that liquid heart burners would be more effective in treating heart burn as they go on to coat the esophagus
  • Make it a point that you do wear tight fitted clothing. If you are into too much tight fitting clothing it is going to make your abdomen and stomach tight
  • Keep away from constipation at all point of time.

If the heartburn reaches above a prescribed level and is causing you a degree of discomfort then do consult your doctor. Ideally they are going to prescribe you a set of medicines that is pretty much safe to be consumed during pregnancy. It has to be stated that the symptoms of heartburn fade after pregnancy. It is not going to be a major cause of concern, but timely intervention and treatment of it is going to prevent from a lady being uncomfortable.

The key is to opt for safe medications during pregnancy and in this regard able supervision of a medical professional is called for.

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