Every country differs from other countries in its traditions. There is a visible difference in culture, language, religious practices. In the same way, the setting up and doing business in every country differs. 

  • There are differences in accounting standards, policies, and regulations in each country. For example, New Zealand ranks in the ease of doing business index, and it implies that in New Zealand the policies for doing business are friendly.
  • Similarly, UAE ranks among the top 20 countries in the same index. UAE confers the 16th spot on the index. It is one of the friendliest nations to set up a business. Several policies and tax rates support the conditions to run a business of any kind. 

Besides that, business setup services provide further help. There are several business setup consultants present who further simplify the process. They guide their customers through the whole process of setup. 

Let us have a look at factors that contribute to the ease in UAE:

Low or no tariffs/tax barriers: 

It is one of the prime factors that attract business people to pursue business here. There are no tax barriers or quotas on the import/export of goods & services. Any producer can export goods from one place to another without paying extra money. 

A broader scope of the market:

UAE has many cities that have an impact on the global market. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the hub of many businesses. Exports and imports are often done from these cities all over the world. UAE provides the perfect conditions for expanding businesses. These cities further provide an amplified base for running the business. Oil exports From Dubai are very popular Worldwide.

These cities cover the market for the majority of goods & services. 

Excellent Growth Rate:

UAE has an ever-expanding growth rate in terms of business. The business setup services are available in the entire region. They draft the perfect conditions for running the business. It has an upward sloping curve of growth rate. 

Businesses have allegedly reported having their business growat 8% in UAE, compared to 3.5% in most countries. 

Now, looking at these factors, UAE seems to be an excellent place for setting up a business. 

There are several business setup services available in UAE. One of such services is Savvy services. This business setup consultant provides a one-stop solution to every problem. 

These services are instrumental in setting up the business. They provide a working mechanism for every problem. When a new business is starting, it is essential to get some assistance. 

The business setup services enable you to put up your first proprietorship.

The services provider has expertise in every business setting. In the UAE, there are three categories of business setup. They are:

  • Free zone company: 

These companies are the easiest to set up and work as tax-exempted organizations that bring economic reform. These have no restrictions or quotas to fill, and it carries a free registration facility in Dubai. It is an excellent option to consider for trading business. 

  • Offshore company:

This concept is also known as a non-resident company. The company’s main headquarter is not situated in the UAE, it is a port for the activities hub. There is an easy licensing policy for companies like these, and of course, the tax restrictions are different. But apart from that, multi-currency exchanges and virtual office facilities are advantageous. 

  • Mainland company:

All significant companies based in UAE belong to the group of mainland companies. Registered under the UAE government, these companies can carry business across the UAE. The only restriction with these companies is that the equity capital can be maximum capped at 49%. It means the holding power of these companies lies with the government. 

SAVVY setup understands all the business scope and caters accordingly. With all the different trade licensing required, it provides a one-stop solution. 

Some of the significant services provided by Savvy setup services are:

 Trade licensing: 

Minus the tariff requirements, UAE government requires separate license their business setup consultants duly fulfil the trade requirements wants. As a business firm, your main aim is running the business. 

Company registration:

Once the legal proceedings and formalities are completed the registration process is done. The work of these services is to complete the functional aspect fully. They efficiently handle all the paperwork, including the carriage. 

Document clearing:

Document clearing can be a lengthy process, but with a business setup service like Savvy, you got nothing to worry.

They can help you get your documents cleared easily. They maintain easy contacts with agencies that can ease up the setting process. 

Marketing & Advertising: 

These business setup services prove instrumental in marketing and advertising. They are already aware of the efficient marketing techniques. They can help you with a great deal in making your business flourish in the market. 

With the proper contacts and a stage to start one, your business can soar to new heights. 

 Easy asset liquidation: 

In case of insolvency or sudden closure, your assets can easily be liquidated. Thanks to business setup consultants like Savvy. You can easily convert your assets into cash at a reasonable price.


In case you are not a resident of UAE, your visa has to be renewed often. On business grounds, these business setup services can help you do that. With their services, you don’t have to worry about your visa.

Separate offices:

These business setup consultants can also arrange a co-working space for you. In case of a scheduled budget, you may require a small space for your business. Co-working spaces seem the right place for your business. 


With the right business setup services, you can easily set up a business in the UAE. The already lowered tariffs and restrictions make it a great place to start. With the added convenience by these consultants, you can efficiently conduct business there. 

With the right planning and set up facilities, you can have a great business running.

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