What To Expect If You Have Been Charged With Assault

Have you been accused of assaulting someone else? This is a scary accusation and if you get charged the consequences can be dire.

So what is the next step for you if you get charged with assault? You want to make sure that you find an assault lawyer to fight your case. You have to prove that the assault was unintentional so that you don’t face any criminal charges.

You have to prove that it was self-defense or that it was accidental. You have to convince a judge not to charge you and to dismiss the case.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What Is Assault?

The full definition of assault varies based on the state where the alleged assault occurs. In general, assault refers to:

  • Physically injuring another person
  • Engaging in offensive physical contact with another person

In some states, an attempt to cause physical harm to someone else can also constitute assault. Threatening another person with violence or intimidating them can also lead to an assault charge.

That’s why it’s best to do a search for a criminal defense attorney near me, so they can know the specifics of the local laws regarding an assault.

  1. Was It Intentional?

The main focus of your defense will be to prove that the assault wasn’t intentional. If you get charged, it’s because the plaintiff believes you intentionally assaulted him/her.

When speaking to your criminal defense lawyer, you have to provide them with the details of the incident. They will work to prove that this was an accident. For example, did you push someone else with the intent to harm them? Or did you trip and bump into them, causing them injury?

Another option is to show that you acted to defend yourself. If you intended to harm someone, was it a reaction to them harming you first?

Your lawyer will help you develop a case to show that any harm was either accidental or justified as self-defense. You have to prove that you didn’t overstep physical boundaries to harm your accuser.

  1. What Are the Punishments?

The severity of the punishment always depends on the laws of your jurisdiction. As a general rule, if the accuser doesn’t incur serious injuries then you will get charged as a misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor can get slapped with a short jail sentence, probation, community service, financial compensation, or mandatory rehabilitation programs. Your punishment can include a combination of any of these obligations.

If the injury is more serious, you might expect a felony charge. This can lead to a longer prison sentence. A felony charge will likely also bring other obligations such as paying compensation, rehabilitation programs, probation, etc.

If an assault charge seems inevitable, your assault lawyer will do their best to reduce the charges as much as possible.

Act Now If You’re Charged With Assault

If you are worried about getting charged with assault, you must hire a criminal defense attorney right away.

Take a moment to write down the full details of the incident and your accusation. Explain this to your lawyer and explore the options to relieve yourself of any charges or punishment.

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