5 Ways CRM Solutions Improve Customer Relationships

Nowadays, customer satisfaction and customer experience are the first priorities for modern businesses as customers are in the center of any successful business strategy. If you want to deliver a truly personalized customer experience and, as a consequence, improve your sales volume and enhance customer loyalty, then it is the right time to implement professional customer relationship management software, so-called CRM system.

Advanced CRM system helps to not only improve your relations with the customers, but at the same time provides you with powerful tools to streamline the internal processes allowing your employees to stay focused on the important tasks and effectively communicate within the team.

If you’re unfamiliar with how CRM solutions can complete this important job then, here is a list to educate you:

Number 1: Collection and storage of customer data

The first step of the process is to collect customer data so that you have an idea of how to communicate with the customer. Intelligent CRM systems help to collect and efficiently store all the important information on the customers, gathering information from all the open sourcesthat include even social media.

Understanding the customer helps to segment the audience and effectively send newslettersthat contain relevant and valuable information for a specific audience. This improves how responsiveyour customers are to your marketing campaigns.

Number 2: Regular communication

Regular communication is a part of a good relationship, and a CRM system helps to automate this process ensuring your employees are focused only on the tasks that require their direct involvement, not on the routine. Once a new customer is added to the database he/she is placed in the sales funnel. Professional CRM system will then notify this customer at regular intervals with emailsonany appropriate offers your company provides, considering the reaction and activities he/she performed.

CRM solutions can also be used to send simple trigger messages, for example ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’ letters and deliver website maintenance warnings. The main advantage is that such a system performs these activities automatically.

Number 3: Target relocation

It’s estimated that around 20-30% of your customers deliver 70-80% of your income. Therefore, it makes sense to focus the majority of your marketing expenses on the customers that bring the biggest income to your business.

Relationship management software can track the biggest buyers on your list of customers, and automatically focus the intense marketing efforts towards those individuals. Target-based allocation is especially make sense for a small business with a limited marketing budget.

Number 4: Quick response times

One of the worst things that you can do when a customer sends a complaint message is a response delay. This will only add  frustration and lead to an unsatisfied customer. On the other hand, a quick response ensures trustworthy relationship with your customers as they will understand that you are always ready to help not making them wait too long; this shows once again that customer interests are your organization’s first priority.

CRM solutions allow customer complaints to be tracked and segmented into different categories. This improves the speed at which your customer service team is able to resolve the case.

Number 5: Buying pattern analysis

To understand the needs of the customer, you should have a clear grasp of customers buying behavior. A CRM solution like bpm’online keeps track of what a customer has bought, and what they searched on your website. Consequently,the smart system identifieswhat exactly is of the most interest to the customer and recommendsthe list of products that are specifically selected for a particular client. Customers appreciate personalized suggestions, and the chances of a sale will improvesignificantly.


To get an idea of what a great CRM solution looks like, visit the official site of bpm’online. You’ll see the all-in-one approach that will help to achieve your business goals much easier and faster. Such a solution works perfectly no matter if you have a customer list of 100, 1,000 or 100,000 people. The scalability of CRM solutions is one of the most appealing aspects that allows to develop in the most efficient way.

By utilizing all the features of customer management software, you will understand your customers better, and consequently will improve their buying experience. In return, customers will reward you with their hard-earned money.

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CRM solutions can be used to better understand your customer and what they are interested in.

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