Bruce Weber – What Technical Skills Should Fashion Photographers Have?

Fashion photography is an exciting and glamorous career for every person. Before venturing into any career, not just fashion photography, you should know whether you have those innate skills needed for success. It is good to research and educate yourself well with credible resources online and speak to experts in the field before you take the final plunge. 

Bruce Weber – An Expert Speaks On The Subject 

Bruce Weber is an eminent and ace photographer of the fashion industry in the USA. He was born in rural Greensburg in Pennsylvania in 1946 and was famous in the 1980s for his outstanding contribution to the fashion world when it came to images and photography. 

He has been working with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, and recently with Abercrombie & Fitch for several years. He has pioneered the aspirational and nostalgic style that has redefined the fashion industry to a large extent. He is known for introducing a whole new degree of artistry to commercial photography. He still continues to be one of the most influential and popular photographers in the nation. 

Books On Photography 

According to him, it is prudent for one to purchase books on fashion photography to get an idea of the traits and the skills needed in the profession. Over 15 books on his work have been published to date for those interested in the study of photography. His photographs are in the permanent collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. He has exhibited his work at venues like Musee de l’Elysee in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Florence Biennale, National Portrait Gallery in London, 1987 Whitney Biennial in New York City, and the Russell Senate Building in Washington, DC, along with other prominent venues across the world. 

Technical Skills For The Fashion Photographer And Their Importance

One does not need a degree in the art of photography; however, it is prudent for beginners to master the technical skills needed for great clicks. They should be aware of the camera parameters and adjust and apply them appropriately during the photography sessions.

Besides the above, technical knowledge also covers photo editing, engineering, lighting, and more so that photographers are able to capture an attractive photograph during the session. 

The Significance Of Self-Study

Self-study is the key here, and one does not have to join an official course with fees. There are short-term training courses, forums, seminars, and other sharing photography classes where professionals share their experience, and you can get the knowledge you need. Credible resources on the Internet also help you gather information about the subject. Again, there are forums where you can connect with fellow photographers and get tips from experts. 

Technical knowledge also covers the accessories the fashion photographers choose, like flashes, tripods, lenses, and more. These elements need a portfolio and continuous learning for the application so that the process of taking fashion photography is done correctly. According to Bruce Weber, practice is the key, and so beginners should practice as much as they can so that with the passage of time, they can hone their skills with success!


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