Car Rental From Muscat To Dubai

Looking for the best road trip experience and seeking to make the most out of your available time? There is no better way to enjoy a break away from the busy schedules that to travel from Muscat to Dubai in a personal car. The road between Muscat and Dubai offers a host of attractions and spots where you can stop and satisfy your curiosity and if you don’t have a personal car, then you can rent a car Muscat.

Muscat car rental normally comes with major advantages in that you can move at your own pace while at the same time saving more money with every mile. The road between these two cities is perfect for driving, but as you drive it is always important to take care as some drivers can be really unreasonable. That said, you can enjoy things such as sand bashing or sit around a campfire for some belly dancing entertainment. This might not be possible if using public transport or taxis (you might have to dig deeper into your wallet). However, it is easy to make as many stopovers as possible when you rent a car Muscat.

You will need to have your exit visa stamped from both the Oman and Dubai check posts as you drive across the two cities. The process doesn’t take too long and within 10-15 minutes, you will be done. You’ll find expansive farms beaming with fresh veggies, lemons, figs, mangoes and almonds among others. There are also numerous restaurants and food joints along the way and it will do you good if you decide to stop by and sample some of the best dishes in the Arab world. Car rentals in Muscat are normally reliable and you will always get a chance to drive a new car while at the same time paying little for it.

It is however important to compare car rental prices from multiple providers as this way you will be able to get the best deals for some of the best cars in the market. There are sites that could prove helpful when you need to rent a car in Muscat. You can compare prices and book your favorite car through sites like with ease and fast. Always plan your trip early and prepay as you rent a car in Muscat as this will help you save more money even before you hit the road.

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