Characteristics That Must Have a Good Computer to Buy New

If you decide to buy a new computer, whether PC or laptop, it is good to take into account some key features to proceed so buying a good car.

Never get fooled by advertising flyers that have PC at affordable prices indicating only information such as size Hard Disk, RAM and manufacturer of your processor without the technical specifications and without the accurate description of the other hardware components.

The price could also be a bargain, but in some cases, for the less experienced PC, you could go to buy a computer is not powerful that in a matter of time could serve little.

E ‘instead better to spend a little more to buy a car efficiently and that will work well in a few years.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, let’s see what features should have a good computer to buy again.

Processor (CPU)

The processor is one of the most important hardware components to take into account. And ‘he who is responsible for performing all calculations and operations of all activities that are carried out to the PC. The power of a processor is expressed in GHz and 1 GHz corresponds to 1 billion transactions in a second by the CPU.

It goes without saying that more GHz has a processor, the more powerful processor. In this case, for example, are well suited processors Dual Core or Core Duo (dual core) that join two independent processors duplicating so the number of operations carried out in a second. Namely the processor, so the PC, so it will be more powerful.

Following this reasoning, it is therefore necessary to purchase a computer that has at least a Dual Core or Core Duo 2 GHz or more speed (clock) instead let alone single-core processors that now in most cases not lend themselves more comfortable with the software today.

There are also excellent Intel i series (i3, i5, i7) which start from the core Dual Core to Quad Core and 6 Core (four six cores). In this article are described in more detail.

The processors are the most common ones marked Intel and AMD their direct competitors. There is a great debate (especially on the web) what is the best between these two. On Google you can just write: better Intel or AMD? to claw back thousands of pages where in websites, blogs and forums discussing this topic.

It is clear, however, (as a percentage of satisfaction of users), currently Intel processors are a bit ‘more than the AMD, among other things, a bit’ more expensive.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

The RAM is another important component of the hardware which take into account. Takes care of temporarily store (virtually) the data and information of the various operations and activities carried out at the PC (for example, the use of programs) thus avoiding burdening the computer memory physically available, which otherwise would cause an overload recording a slowing or blocking of the machine directly.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the higher the RAM, the faster the processing of data and the various operations carried on as such to enter and browse the Internet, use video games, programs, more simply open folders, documents, and anything else yet.

A good new computer must therefore have enough RAM, a minimum of 2-3 GB of RAM to 4 GB of RAM (more recommended) or higher, there are in fact computers sold already with 8 GB of RAM installed.

It would also be good to choose a computer that lets you add more RAM to that already present in most, or a PC that the motherboard has more RAM slots free in the future enable it to further expand the RAM memory. In this way, in a few years you will not necessarily need to buy a faster computer, but the speed can be increased by adding another banquet of new RAM (of course it is good to have a powerful processor). It is also good to know that on Windows 7 and 8, the RAM can be expanded using additional banquet as the USB key in this article is how to do.

Video Card

Given the existing games and the latest software is just as important to buy a new computer that has a powerful video card. The most common are those NVidia and ATI.

A proper video card allows you to run smoothly and video game programs that require substantial resources, thus avoiding blocks, slowdowns and screen shots.

Given the little difference in price is therefore better to buy a new computer that has a video card of at least 1GB (instead of 512MB), so as to run any software without any problems. There are many commercial PC video cards also have mounted 2 GB.

As said for the RAM, also in this case it would be good (not mandatory anyway), buy a PC that in the future allows to expand the video card, comprandone a new and more powerful. A feature that allows you to use the computer for a few years without having to get a new one.

For example my PC has a memory 4 GB RAM expandable to 8 GB, and a video card with 1024 MB expandable to 2048 MB (more than 2GB).

Another feature of the video card, which take into account are the ports with which to connect the PC to your TV or other equipment. Today definitely should not miss the HDMI port for high definition transmission of the audio signal and video in desktop PCs would be good that there are also DVI ports, VGA and S-Video. This article also lists all the ports and types of cables to connect your computer to the TV.

Hard Disk

The Hard Drive is the hard drive of the PC that stores all the programs installed on the computer and all files added by the user such as audio, video, images, documents and so on. The larger the hard drive and more “stuff” is in it.

A Hard Disk 250 GB is more than enough, but it is very likely that your PC is present to buy a new hard drive even bigger, maybe 350, 500, 650 GB or 1 TB.

Now do not cost much and if necessary, if you need more space, you can buy an external hard drive to be connected via USB to the PC, opening up more memory.

Burner / DVD / CD Player

Today it is impossible that a new computer is missing the burner / DVD player and CD player, already installed in the PC at the time of purchase. From prefer Dual Layer writing dual layer then capable of storing more data on the disks.

Make sure the drive supports the most popular formats such as CDs and DVDs: DVD R, DVD RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-R/RW, CD-ROM/XA, CD -ROM, Audio CD and various.

For those who are used to copy files to your PC from CD and DVD, in the case of a desktop computer (if not already present), you might consider buying a few Euros for a DVD / CD burner to add in support of the already mounted of the house. In this way we speed up the copying of optical discs using the two players simultaneously (one for the other to read the disk or copy the content masterizzarne), instead of copying the contents of the first CD / DVD in the computer and then subsequently burn it.

In this way also avoids always use the same reader handing so life, alternating with each other.

For laptop computers, in the same way and for the sex because you can buy a DVD player / burner outside only for a few euro.

Network Adapter Wi-Fi, Wireless

Component that must not be missed on a laptop and allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly wherever you are. For example, if there is the cover of a public access point (in this case Italy is far behind), or to connect wirelessly to your home network, or even to “scrounge the Internet connection of a neighbor who has the wireless router unprotected “(not you ;)).

Operating system

The speech of the operating system to choose is based on your personal preferences. But if you’re used to Windows, then you should choose a new computer installed with the latest operating system available so get used right away. In this case, Windows 8, which is the same as Windows 7, but with new features such as the Start screen in which among other things has integrated the Windows Store to download and install applications such as smartphones.

Two other components that must have the new computer

1. A sufficient number of USB ports (at least 4) to connect the printer, USB, external hardware, and any other device with a USB connection. Or if you wish, if necessary, you can expand the USB ports gaining for a few Euros a USB power strip.

Make sure that the USB ports are 2.0 and 1.0 (outdated), significantly faster in the exchange of data between devices. In 2011 also outputs USB 3.0 ports faster data management than previous but still not preferred as the spread of memory drive USB 3.0 is pretty low. Today on the market there are PCs that among other 2.0 have also installed the USB 3.0 port, a good solution on which to bet so as to have full compatibility with both versions.

2. Good ventilation, then an adequate number of fans that are able to cool the computer (the hardware) such as avoiding sudden blocks in the summer months due to overheating. With regard to desktop computers in this article we have seen some tips to ensure adequate ventilation in the event that it is subject to overheating.

Regarding the monitor, now also for desktop computers old ones CRT were finally overcome and replaced by those dishes LCD, LED in HD or Full HD superior in performance over that in terms of aesthetics and gain of space on the basis of support.

As for the programs necessary to install the new computer just purchased and that should not be missed, consult this list of 15 free software.

In the event that one is going to buy a laptop you can also try the online service Swogo that allows you to find the best notebook on the basis all’suo that if he has to do and how much money you want to spend.

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