Choosing The Right Décor To Support Your Coffee Obsession

For even a novice coffee drinker, there are hundreds of options for equipping your at-home café. Whether you go crazy with different methods of brewing the bean or simply need multiple colorful canisters to hold the different blends, you can enjoy every part of being a coffee drinker. Make sure everyone is aware of your newfound caffeination obsession by creating the perfect display for your collection of colorful mugs and brewing appliances.

 Get Creative with a Fun and Space-Saving Mug Display 

Everyone knows the best part of drinking coffee is picking out the perfect mug to hold your French-pressed brew. But when you’ve amassed more oddly shaped mugs then can fit in your kitchen cabinet, it might be time to find a new storage solution. You don’t simply want to stack them on your counter and hope that your pyramid doesn’t tip over and break a few cup handles. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that all of your mugs can see the light of day. Grab a large pegboard, some washi tape, and hooks, and you’ve got yourself a piece of vertical wall décor that can store all your favorite mugs for years to come. 

Upcycle for an Easy Rolling Coffee Cart

Give an old side table or bookshelf new life by upcycling it into a rolling coffee cart. Add on some locking caster wheels, spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint, and the end result is an amazing DIY place for your coffee maker, grounds, and sugar. You can use it in the kitchen or roll it along to the living room next to your most comfy chair so you don’t miss a single episode of your favorite show. Saving the planet never felt so good – or so caffeinated! 

Keep Those Coffee Grounds Around 

After brewing yourself a second (or fifth) cup of coffee, save the handful of coffee grounds to use around the house. In addition to being used as shoe deodorizer or body scrub, this glorious elixir can also be used to create espresso scented candles! Pour some melted wax into your used coffee cup and mix in your leftover grounds to create a beautiful candle that will have you dreaming of your next cup of joe at all hours. 

Use these tips and tricks to create a space where you can become the at-home barista of your dreams. After all, there is no better way to espresso your love for coffee.

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