Compare The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 And The On Market Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The new arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 has conquered a good market in the electronic world. It has been a big domineers in the phablet market. Whereas in the 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 got a big limelight in the smart phone markets with its super pack performance. And both the gadgets have emerged as the Android King of 2015.

Now the limelight is getting focused on the Galaxy Note 6 and Galaxy S7. Now all the fans and market is looking forward towards the arrival of these two new gadgets. Before its appearance and declaration, the whole world is in the clutched in the captivation of the two gadgets. The recent family members have already gained a big slot of appreciation and praise with all the features and specs, so whole world is now waiting for two new members of the different flagships.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is stated be in the top and has created a testament on how a phablet should be. As the company, has already shown a good time with this phablet because of that expectations have grown more with the commencement of Galaxy Note 6.

Now let’s make a comparison between the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and on sale Galaxy Note 5. Below you can see some comparisons:

  • Design of Galaxy Note 6 and 5:

The Galaxy flagship series was initially made up with plastic, but with the arrival of Galaxy Note 5 the body design changed to a better version of a sleek and metallic body. Now this Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is said to have a new move with a flexible design with with a foldable display and is thought to have a metallic body again.

  • CPU and Performance and CPU of Galaxy Note 6 and 5:

The Note 5 runs on Exynos CPU with aExynos 7420 on eight cores.  Again when it comes to Galaxy Note 6, the phablet is heard to have a Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core with 2.9 Ghz processor.

  • Camera of Galaxy Note 6 and 5:

The Galaxy Note 5 was accompanied with the 16 MPcamera with the feature of optical image stabilization. The Note 5 has a better and faster ability of shooting than any of its priorflagship member and is among the best cameras. And the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 is said to have a 16 MP front camera and 30 MP rear camera with a 4K display resolution and a 3D camera element.

All these specifications can give you a sound knowledge about the both the smart gadgets. Here, you can see that what the difference between the available and upcoming phablet is? Many more new features are said to be a part of this phablet and for that we have o wait and watch. 2016 is going to be a big sort for the Samsung Companyand the electronic market with two of its biggest release.

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