Drunk Driving: Facts You Should Know

It’s never a recommended practice to drive after drinking. Where there are serious life hazards on cards, there are equal chances of you getting charged for drunk driving and ending up in bit of a mess. One thing is for certain that you will need a DUI lawyer in Ottawa to get you through the legal procedures safely or else, you might end up in jail.

Celine Dostaler is a renowned DUI lawyer in Ottawa readily available to help people with DUI and impaired driving cases. You can consult her for almost any types DUI cases but there is something you should know beforehand. In this article, we will highlight some of the common yet important facts about drunk driving. Some of them might remove many common misconceptions about drunk driving.

The No Tolerance Policy

For teenagers and youngsters under 21 year of age who love partying and late night driving, there is No Tolerance policy. There is no way a person under the defined age limit drive a vehicle in drunken condition. Consequences include heavy fine, confiscation of driving license and even jail.

Talking about driving license, you will be surprised to know that nearly three quarter of the people who get their license confiscated due to drunk driving are driving without a license in United States.

Some Stats

Here are some interesting statistics about drunk driving in Unite States.

  • Drunk driving accidents occur every two minutes.
  • On average, a drunk driver may not be arrested for the first 79 instances.
  • Nearly 27 people die every day while driving under the influence.
  • Almost every third teen accident is a result of driving under the influence.

If you want to avoid any such accidents, you are better off volunteering to drive for your loved ones so that they do not meet any accidents while under the influence.

Is it the Type of Alcohol?

It’s a common myth that only a certain type of alcohol will cause impairment. However, when you consult an expert or an impaired driving lawyer Ottawa, you will be surprised to know the details regarding this topic.

However, to give you a broader picture, it’s not the type of alcohol that can influence a person. It is actually the amount of alcohol consumed that mainly contributes to the situation. Hence, next time you hear your friends telling you that a certain type of alcohol won’t affect, you know what to do.

The Rise in Alcohol Relates Accidents

Now that you know some of the major troubles of drunk driving, we look into a few more stats as to how much it has cost to United States in the recent years. According to reports, in the year 2011, there were nearly 9900 deaths due to influenced driving in the country.

It is possibly the highest number of accidents in any country in the world. It has been observed that children aging between 14 and 17 years have been most vulnerable to these accidents since 2010. Also, there are seven times more chances of children getting involved in fatal accidents who take alcohol at very young age.  

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