High Performance And Excellent Ride Quality Makes 2021 Mazda 6 Amazing

When it comes to sedan, one of the first things potential buyers check is a vehicle’s ride quality along with its performance. The 2021 Mazda 6 fulfills both these aspects and ensures people to have the best possible sedan car in their garage. Also, it high quality exterior with marvelous finish makes people opt for it when one visits Moreno Valley Mazda dealership

To know about its high performance and ride quality one will have to know the details of its engine and other specifications related to it. Hence, all you need is to go through the engine detail and other info below. 

Excellent engine that offers high performance and improves ride quality

For high performance, Mazda has equipped this vehicle with two different engine options from which one can choose. Although, no hybrid is offered, the two engine involved in options are 4-cylinder 2.5 liter engine. This standard version makes 187 HP and the turbocharged version creates 250 horsepower. 

For 2021 model, the turbocharged engine gained more torque by 10, which means it offers 320 lb-ft of torque; however, premium fuel is required for this. Both engines are teamed with automatic 6-speed proficient transmission that aids in getting right gear every time for a flawless driving experience. 

Even being a family sedan, Mazda’s this vehicle offers ample driving satisfaction along with precise and magnificent handling along with fluid controls that is missing from even several pricier automobiles. Furthermore, Mazda successfully offers such thrills without having to decrease refinement as well as ride quality. With new fitted tires, it substantially reduces tire noise and has absolute grip when applying brakes. In addition, the cabin is so quite that driving this car is a blessing for all. 

The base engine provides 26 mpg and 35 mpg when in city and highway respectively. The turbocharged options provides 23 mpg and 31 mpg when in city and on highway respectively. Now you are aware of why Mazda 6 offers remarkable performance and superior ride quality than most of its rivals. 

However, also take a look at the versions available and prices for each one below or can visit Mazda dealer Moreno Valley!

Price of models and best option to buy 

Six different choices are presented to people by Mazda. The base ones include Sport and Touring; prices of which starts from $25,270 and $27,870 respectively. The mid-tier ones include Grand Touring and Grand Touring Reserve which costs $30,970 and $33,470 respectively. Lastly, in the segment is the high tier option that sports Carbon Edition and Signature series; for these one will have to spend at least $33,745 and $36,695 respectively. 

Though, opting for Signature series is quite a common notion among Mazda 6 owners, it is suggested to at least opt for Carbon Edition to enjoy ultimate features. If an individual plan on buying a lower end trim then least one can go for is grand Touring. 

So, now that it is clear how this car has a high performance along with supreme ride quality, it is high time you get this sedan as soon as possible.