How Good Is The 2019 VW Atlas For Daily Commute

When making the final choice on buying a vehicle, the first driving force to shortlist from the ocean of vehicles is the purpose. As we see different vehicle types crowding the road as well as the showrooms, it goes without saying that it is simply the reflection  of the range of requirements that people have while getting a vehicle for themselves.

This time we were looking for a vehicle that is good for daily commute. When we asked the Riverside Volkswagen experts to guide us, they named the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas and if you too want to know why, then here are the reasons.

The Lineup

The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas comes in three trim levels, namely, the S, SE, and SEL. Starting with a 276-horsepower generating 2.0-liter turbo-4 base engine to power the Atlas that will be configured as front-wheel drive,  it also keeps a peppier 3.6-liter V-6 available engine as an option with both front- or all-wheel drive configurations. However an 8-speed automatic transmission stays as the only option for both the engines.

A 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine that puts up with a 235 hp is available only with front-wheel drive, while the V-6 proves itself strong enough to tow that weighs around 4,500-pound curb weight when driven with all-wheel drive again. The turbo-4 engine brings out an unexpectedly good around-the-town acceleration that makes it a daily commuter.

Power Performance

If you engage the 2019 VW Atlas as a daily commuter, the result will always make you happy at the end of the day. The handling will always be balanced that will never ask the passengers to come out of the comfort zone, its cabin has so carefully created.

With the subtle response to the driver inputs, the 2019 VW Atlas makes a really good long-distance cruiser, while the Volkswagen engineers should pay some more attention to the fuel consumption that needs a leap. Currently, the 2019 Atlas can stretch its drive to 19 mpg in a combined trip when driven with all-wheel drive as per the EPA rating.

Daily Commuting Capacity

The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas has always redeemed itself by providing a consistently good ride quality that becomes possible because of the responsive handling. It has got a three-spoke steering wheel to give this crossover SUV a better one to drive.

During the test drive at the Volkswagen Riverside, the suspension of the 2019 Atlas felt more taut that is good to manage through the curvy roads better than its competitors. To help the driver with better handling and maneuverability, Volkswagen has inserted an “A control knob” on the center console that features different driving modes to glide through snow and off-road use, and simultaneously the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas has all the necessary qualities to deliver constantly comfortable highway cruising without the need to make changes to the driving modes. The 8.0 inches ground clearance makes enough room to handle the small rocks and ditches on the way while its capacity to tow a weight of 5,000 pounds with the V-6 engine, makes it included in the shortlist of useful cars.

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