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Are Pregnancy And Obesity Virtually Sides Of The Same Coin

To be considered obese can have a major impact on the mother and a baby during pregnancy. More than common neurological disorders in pregnancy you need to address the issues on an urgent basis. Clear understand about the weight gain and how you can avoid unwanted complications when pregnant.

More about obesity

To be obese the body possess excess body fat. This is a measurement where you height and weight come into consideration and connoted by BMI. This is used to outline if a person is obese or not.

What is the exact amount of weight you need to be gaining during pregnancy?

The BMI and pre pregnancy weight all have a role to play in outlining the healthy amount of weight you should be gaining when pregnant. Do work with a health care provider on how to manage your weight during pregnancy and this is to be the same during pregnancy.

  • Single pregnancy- in case if you are obese and there is a single baby, an ideal recommended weight is somewhere between 5 kgs to 11 kgs
  • Multiple pregnancies – if you are carrying a couple of babies then somewhere to the tune of 25 kgs is to be frowned upon.

For a lady who is already obese, if you gain less than the recommended weight then the risk of the  baby having weight than the gestational age increases. But there is risk of a low birth weight baby in case if you have less or too much of weight during pregnancy. Not asking you to put in a certain amount of weight during pregnancy the healthcare provider could ask you not to put on excess amount of weight when you are pregnant.

The steps you can adopt to have a healthy pregnancy?

The impact that obesity can create can be minimized and take care of your health along with that of the baby

  • Opt for a pre conception appointment- say if you happen to be obese and are planning to become pregnant discuss with your health care provider. They are going to suggest a prenatal vitamin that might refer you to other health care providers. They can suggest you to an obesity specialist who can outline a proper weight during pregnancy. The same situation would of immense help with epilepsy in pregnancy medicine.
  • Regular visits to a doctor – regular visits can help a doctor can help you figure out if any issue poses with the health of the mother along with that of the baby. This can be in the form of high blood pressure and diabetes and what can be done in order to cope up with them
  • Choice of a healthy diet- There are no short cuts to a healthy diet and this would help you avoid putting on excess weight during pregnancy.

When you are obese during pregnancy it can pose complications for both the mother along with the baby. In order to cut down on the anxiety work closely with your health care team.

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