Useful Tips To Deal With Hot Car And Child Safety

We all are aware of the dreadful news that are making rounds, that is infant and child deaths in hot car. Numerous campaigns about maintaining safety standards are being discussed, but the problem is still continuing. One such example of initiatives is the National Safe Kids Campaign that is partnering with the American Meteorological Society to create an awareness and warning for the parents and caregivers regarding the dangers that children can encounter in a car. It could be anything like playing inside and around vehicles, parents forgetting their kids in the back seat and so on.

Account of Misfortunes

An expert from Swansboro Chevrolet dealer, handed us a record from Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety saying that a minimum of 30 children succumbed to death last year from the heat stroke when they got trapped inside the car as their parents or caregivers left them locked within the parked cars. In another recent survey, a 10 percent of parents didn’t feel ashamed to say that they believed there is no harm in leaving young children in a vehicle unattended. Another study shows that only 50 percent of the parents are reported of locking their cars every time, while 20 percent of them rarely or never follow such practice.

The Probable Scenarios of Danger

  1. In the year 1999 the statistics say that more than one-third of the infant of child deaths have occurred in cases where the children have crawled into the unlocked parked cars while playing. Once the children crawl in, they are mostly trapped not having the knowledge or capability to come out.
  2. During summer the outside temperature generally reaches 93 degrees Fahrenheit, even if there is a cracked window the temperature inside a car can rise up to 125 degrees in just 20 minutes and it can reach 140 degrees if the time crosses 40 minutes. Such a calculation is self-explanatory why a child can die or suffer permanent disability, if left in a hot car for even half an hour long.

Preventive Measures for Cars During Hot days

To avoid any such unfortunate incidents from taking place, when temperature rises higher in a vehicle, we can follow these tips meticulously:

  • Keep your cars locked each time you come out of it, especially in the garages or driveways. Make it a point to check and lock the car, whenever you get down.
  • Never leave your child in an unattended car, even if the windows are rolled down
  • Warn your children not to play around cars
  • In an event of your child being locked inside a car, bring him out as early as possible and dial 91 1 or the local emergency number to make sure he or she is given the right treatment after the damage.
  • As explained by the experts of a famous Chevrolet dealership, car trunks are the most hazardous zones. Children love to hide inside them but in many cases can get trapped inside it. So, always check the trunk before you leave the car.


Children are the most precious gifts of our life. We need to be extra cautious to keep them safe.

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